Boulder Valley School District

Junior Division

NHD Students
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Junior Individual Documentary

  1. Jeremy Berets - The Manchurian Incident: Debate, Diplomacy, and the Consequences of
    Japan’s Invasion of Manchuria
  2. Kiren Penzkover - The Treaty of Versailles: an in Depth Analysis
  3. Anna Hrywnak - The Vote: How Women's Fashion Played a Role In The Debate Of The
    19th Amendment

Junior Group Documentary

  1. Joseph Wang & Jaxon Carenas-Gunny - Germany And Russia: A Case Study on
    Expansionist Diplomacy
  2. Ella Zechman & Brooke Vancil -  The Suez Canal Crisis of 1956
  3. Emma Taylor & Keira Krishnaiah - Madeleine Albright: A Diplomat for a New Generation

Junior Individual Website

  1. Claire Wellington - Censorship in Comics: Debate, Diplomacy, and the Comics Code


  2. Santiago Caravia-Perry - The Partition of Palestine
  3. Brian Laurel - The Troubles

Junior Group Website

  1. Sven Vezmar & Adam Kubala - Creation of the National Park Service
  2. Joshua Namordi & Logan Gao - The Gorbachev Era How Soviet Leader
    Mikhail Gorbachev’s Policies Ended The
    Cold War
  3. Maddie Gebhardt & Ellie Boyer - Nancy Ward and Her Work for the Cherokee Tribe

Junior Individual Performances

  1. Charlotte Samuel - The Tale of the Pony Express
  2. Faustino Von Stecher - Napoleon's Kiss

Junior Individual Performances

  1. Juliana Iannetta & Zoe Hollingsworth - Votes for Women Indeed: The Nineteenth Amendment & it's Journey to
  2. Ellie Hsu & Lucy Washburn -  The Treaty of Versailles: League of Nations, 14 Points, and War-Guilt
  3. Braydon Roy & Porter Thomas - The Manhattan Project

Junior Individual Exhibit

  1. Nicholas Cappelletti - "The Ping Heard The World": Ping-Pong Diplomacy and the Opening of China.
  2. June Meehan - Emmett Till: How the Media in Emmett Till's Death Impacted Debate in the Civil Rights Movement
  3. Madeleine Grandsaert - Power of The Papers

Junior Group Exhibit

  1. Amelie Moody & Natalie Cappelletti - The Jazz Ambassadors Program: An Instrument of Cultural Diplomacy Amidst the Civil Rights Debate
  2. Kylie  Duart & Lucy Koechel - The Russian Civil War and the Debate of Communism
  3. Ellie Carwright & Adi Coleman - The Suffrage Debate: How the Populist Party Affected Suffrage in Colorado

Junior Paper

  1. Nataly Uzdensky - Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Eleanor
    Roosevelt, and the Second Front
    Debate: The Diplomacy of the Public
  2. Josh Ringoen - Welcome to The Jungle
  3. Chelsey Streifel - The Fall of the Aztecs: Who Won the War?