Boulder Valley School District

Junior Division

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Junior Individual Documentary

  1. Annalise Myatt - Anna Pavlova: The People's Ballerina
  2. Clare Shacklette - The Martian Invasion
  3. Isabel Ross - The Key to Unlocking Racial Harmony: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Junior Group Documentary

  1. Tilly Testa & Evalyn Minsley - Cycling to Equality
  2. Mia Howell & Vivian Congedo -  Fights for Rights; Martha Griffiths and Phyllis Schlafly Working With the Equal Rights Amendment

Junior Individual Performance

  1. Elia Tremblay - Walking on Both Sides of the
    Fence: How Phyllis Schlafly and Gloria Steinem Shaped Our Understanding of the Equal Rights Amendment
  2. Caroline Holloway Imrie - Living Dead Women: How Miscommunication in the Radium Industry Killed Them
  3. Connor Sims - The Things That No One Can

Junior Group Performance

  1. Ella Seng & Aya Margalit - Tainted Motives - How the Miscommunication of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study Affected the Lives and Trust of the Black Community


Junior Individual Exhibit

  1. Eleanor Grandsaert - Footsteps for Freedom: How the Children’s March Communicated
    the Need for Justice and Change
  2. Neva Upton - The Warax; How Dr. Seuss’s
    Communication Changed the Course of American Foreign Policy
  3. Emma Weber - A Birth of Awareness: How the
    First Earth Day Communicated Environmental Injustice

Junior Group Exhibit

  1. Ronan Kiernan-Johnson & Hannah Kim - We Would Rather Walk
  2. Delaney Abboud & Grace - Good Night, And Good Luck
  3. Ian Schwartz & Timmy Russell - Navajo Code Talkers

Junior Individual Websites

  1. Annabelle Eisner - Kate Sheppard: Setting the
    Precedent for Communication in Women's Suffrage

Junior Paper

  1. Delia Barkett - Stolen Oppurtunity: How Phyllis
    Schlafly Used Communication to Derail the Equal Rights Amendment
  2. Wesley Ding - William and Elizebeth Friedman -
    The Codebreaking Couple Who Changed History
  3. Denver Wright - King George VI: Simple Man to the Great Speaker King