Boulder Valley School District

Senior Division

NHD Students
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Senior Individual Documentary

  1. Aurelia Kembel - Promoting America Through Jazz: The Paradox, Politics, and Power Struggle of The Cold War
  2. Sophia Brown - Operation Ajax; An American Sabotage of Democracy
  3. John Kowalski - Romer V. Evans.

Senior Group Documentary

  1. Jacob Ho, Joshua Ho, Anton Ignatenko & Kevin Wang -  “Oh the Humanity”: The Hindenburg Disaster
  2. Ella Spilde,  Céleste Pavillard-
    Pitts & Shree Vegesna - Hidden War Crimes: Debate and Diplomacy During the French-Algerian Conflicts
  3. Jorja Bond, Sonya Li & Caitlyn Grindel - The Silent Sentinels : The Debate Over
    Women’s Suffrage and the Diplomatic
    Ratification of the 19th Amendment

Senior Individual Website

  1. Dylan Irving - Jazz and the Cold War
  3. Pavan Gudavalli - Colorado River Compact: Securing the Right to Life in the Wes

Senior Group Website

  1. David Shin, Trevianna Barto & Dagny Bachman - Sand Creek Massacre
  2. Charlie Fontana & Alexander Barba - Debate and Diplomacy: The New Deal
  3. Jessie Hsu & Farah Ahmadova - The Quincy Debate: How Two Politicians Propelled the Debate of Slavery on October 13, 1858

Senior Individual Performances

  1. Sydney Selvin - Forced Sterilization

Senior Individual Performances

  1. Lila Nuttle & Maya Chastang - The Battle of Castle Itter: Putting Aside Debate to Rescue Diplomacy
  2. Atiya Hasan & Annika Aumentado - Debate and Diplomacy in Khe Sanh: Vietnam Soldiers Against the War
  3. Kelly Young & Roxie Albert - Patsy Mink: Debating Her Way to Equality

Senior Individual Exhibit

  1. Samra Redzic - The Balkans: A Land of Crisis
  2. Sophia Fowler - Wu Zetian; China’s Only Female Emperor
  3. Grace Haislmaier - Global Warming Debate

Senior Group Exhibit

  1. Yvette Taylor & Isabella Chang - "The Week that Changed the World": President Richard Nixon's 1972 Diplomatic Trip to China
  2. Quinn Bernthal, Aksheeta Dodoni, Elizabeth  Chase, Kate Bachach & Margaret Arthur - How Furman V. Georgia Revolutionized the Domestic and International Capital Punishment Debate
  3. Riley Cooper & Anjana Radha - Not So Civil Engineering: How One Engineering Technician Revolutionized Opportunities for Women in Male-Dominant Fields (and Tunnels).

Senior Paper

  1. Liya Mei - Diplomacy as a Dinner Party: Culinary Diplomacy in US-China Relations
  2. Charli Plut - Stockholm 1972: The Root of
    Environmental Debate and Diplomacy
  3. Noe Sura - The Little Rock Nine: Debate and
    Conflict Surrounding Little Rock Central
    High School’s Experiment in Educational
National History Day Senior 1st Place Paper