Boulder Valley School District

Art Design Contest Winners

2022 Theme - We are all Connected

Thank you to our talented students for your submissions. We had some clever and beautiful designs submitted this year. It was definitely hard to pick out the winners. 

1st place goes to Annabelle Gochis from New Vista High School - Design printed on a T-shirt.
2nd Place goes to Josue Hernandez-Guerrero from Boulder High School - Design printed on a face mask.
3rd Place and the winning theme of the Science Fair goes to Megan Hess From Nederland Middle/Senior High School - Design printed as a water bottle.
4th Place goes to Jordan Forer from Boulder High School - Design printed as a sticker.
5th Place goes to Dana Hadi from Boulder High School - Design printed as a sticker.

All of our submitted Art Work was sooooooo fabulous, you are all winners in our minds!

Below is the rest of the submissions. Remember we are all connected, so stay positive and science on!

Discovery: from sea to space by Madelyn Hardee
“Nature makes the heart happy” by Camila Gonzalez Barrios
Evolution by Delia Knierim
The Science of Space by Ella Mortenson
Music by Stryder Jones
Botany by Miranda Dawson
Monkey Head Nebula David Kimberly
Icy Atoms by Howard Feifarek
Embracing Our Biological Diversity by Josephine Orth
Aurora Borealis by Lilianna Chitambar
Physical science by Monserat Ordaz Rodriguez
Marine Biology by Madeline Dimetrosky
Science fair 2023
2023 science fair