Boulder Valley School District

Regional Special Awards

 Soil and Water Conservation Society Award - Junior Division

  • Lakshmi Thanikasalam - Single and Multi-layer Water Filtering Apparatus with Commonly Available Materials

  • Michael Gao - Factors Affecting the Transfer of Heat Energy (Radiation)

Soil and Water Conservation Society Award - Senior Division

  • Maria Silver - Quantifying Precipitation Undercatch in a Citizen Scientist Weather Observation Network

  • Noah Hubbard - The Role of Calcifying Phytoplankton in Modifying Water Chemistry and their Response to Climate Change: a Case Study using the Bermuda Atlantic Time Series

BVSD STEM Department Award

  • Siddharth Bharthulwar - Development of a Novel Sparse-View Deep Learning Framework for Safer, Cheaper, and More Accessible CT Imaging

Broadcom Masters

  • Kelly Yang, Catherine Omer, Daniel Joshua, Rachel Tilton, Angelina Wang, Chloe Sebek, Stella Laird, Alex Zhang, Rohan Mysore, Jack O’Hara, Diya Mehta