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Priority Deadlines For Spring and Summer 2023


CU and FRCC On-Campus 

FRCC District Select

SPRING December 1 December 9




Students may still submit paperwork after priority deadlines if there is space available. The enrollment and approval process may take up to two weeks so it is best to complete the steps below early. District Select courses that have low enrollment by the Priority Deadline may be cancelled.

**Information about Fall 2023 Options will be included in course registration materials in the Spring.

Click on the college you would like to take courses with to learn more.

FRCC Courses: Summer & After School

These are courses offered through FRCC to all BVSD high school students during the Summer and after school. They are offered as remote real-time, or in-person. The benefit to taking an FRCC class through the District is that you are with other high school students and there is no cost to the student. 

FRCC: On campus, Remote Real Time, Online

Concurrent Enrollment

Get a jumpstart on college, concurrent enrollment

College Before Graduation


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