Boulder Valley School District

ASCENT Program

Get a year or more of college paid for!

ASCENT is a program that provides tuition for the first year of college at either Front Range Community College or Metropolitan State University Denver. If a student plans appropriately and begins taking concurrent enrollment courses their junior year, the ASCENT program can assist in completing two years of college tuition free! To participate, students must have a minimum of 9 college credits completed by May of their senior year.

Two dates for Seniors to remember:

November 11 - complete the Intent to Participate form. This lets us know how many students are interested in the program for the following year. Failure to complete the form is not a requirement nor by completing the form are you obligated to apply.

May 10 - Deadline for all application materials. See below for details.

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9th- 11th Grade

Determine if ASCENT is appropriate for your academic plan

  • Review FAQs below

  • Discuss option with parents/guardians

  • Discuss option with counselor

  • Update your ICAP every semester

9th-12th Grade

Earn a minimum of 9 college credits with a grade of C or better (AP/IB test scores do not apply unless they have been accepted and transcripted by a college)

12th grade - September or October

Apply for FAFSA or CASFA - If you qualify for a full Pell grant, ASCENT may not be the best option for you. Students in the ASCENT program can not receive Federal or State financial aid.

Complete the Intent to Participate form.


Research College Scholarship opportunities. 

12th grade - Fall/Spring


Complete the Checklist and Application (in Spanish).

If you haven't already, apply to Front Range Community College or Metropolitan State University (includes signing up for COF)

MAY 1st of 12th grade

Submit to your counselor the above checklist complete with signatures, your one page essay and your college transcripts.

If taking classes at FRCC, complete the FRCC Fall 2023 Course Request Form.

If taking classes at MSU, complete the MSU Fall 2023 Course Request Form.

End of 12th grade Walk with your graduation class
End of May ASCENT notifications determined
June 30 Confirm you will participate in the ASCENT program


Once you are accepted, complete the appropriate Course Request Form below. This must be done each semester and lets us know what classes we'll be paying for. You must still register for your classes through the individual college system in order to be enrolled.

FRCC Summer 2023    FRCC Fall 2023      FRCC Spring 2024

MSU Summer 2023      MSU Fall 2023         MSU Spring 2024

Frequently Asked Questions