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Work-Based Learning in BVSD

You're sitting in a classroom. You're learning how to think, reason, analyze, evaluate, create. You've learned how to solve math problems, write persuasive essays, and debate controversial topics. You've seen amoebas swim, created chemical reactions, and interpreted data. All of this and more and yet do you know if you're ready for life beyond high school? 

Work-Based Learning (WBL) combines what you're learning in the classroom with professional training opportunities. By interweaving WBL with industry certificate and/or post-secondary coursework you're not only career're career competitive!

There are a variety of ways to explore career opportunities! Classroom speakers,  job shadowing (virtual and in-person), internships (1-2 semesters or over the summer) and apprenticeships (multi-year experience with the same company) are just a few. The Boulder Valley School District has made a commitment to establishing a Work-Based Learning program that will allow students many opportunities throughout their K-12 education to learn ABOUT work, learn THROUGH work, and learn AT work.  While we are establishing the BVSD Work-Based Learning model, and system-wide improvements to connect career and college to K-12 academics, there are already some excellent opportunities being offered throughout the district.

Explore the tabs below to learn more about these opportunities, and continue to visit this site for updates to our Work-Based Learning structure.

 Not all opportunities listed have formalized contracts with BVSD. Until we are able to vet more of these organizations, we encourage students to research companies they are interested in. 

Check out the Cool Things Happening in BVSD with WBL!

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Work-Based Learning Opportunities