Boulder Valley School District

Catch-Up Plan

As we near the one-year mark since the pandemic began, we are both hopeful about the future ahead and determined to address the impacts that the crisis has had on our students.

We know that it will take both social and emotional and academic interventions, which is why, as part of Boulder Valley School District’s Catch Up Plan, we will be offering targeted support for the whole child, beginning with those who need it most.

Targeted Support

Using current data structures and evaluating each student’s access to ongoing support, we can increase the quantity, intensity and quality of academic, social and emotional support for the students who need it most. 

Students invited for in-person tutoring and wraparound child care support:
Elementary, behind grade level in Literacy and Math

Students targeted for online tutoring:
Middle School, behind grade level in Literacy and Math

Students targeted for ACT/SAT preparation:
High School, underachieving, behind on credit or below a ‘C’ average in Math and LA courses. 

Starting Small

We are in the process of reaching out to students who have been identified as needing the most support at this time. We are starting small with a little more than 400 students and intend to grow from there.

Students chosen for the first phase are being contacted the week of January 15.

Aligned to the Strategic Plan

All Together for All Students with Boulder Valley School District logo

Additionally, it is important to mention that these efforts are aligned with our All Together For All Students Strategic Plan and so these efforts are not just a short-term bandaid, but part of long term efforts to address student achievement gaps, while also addressing the immediate impacts of the pandemic.

Below are our plans over time for both academic and social-emotional support.

Academic Support Outlook chart, showing plans over next few years
Social-Emotional Support Outlook chart, showing plans over next few years

Elementary and Middle School Students

  • During the School Week: Students will continue to receive emotional and academic interventions aligned to their needs through their teachers and counselors
  • Monday Launch: Students will be invited to school to work on targeted lessons using existing learning platforms: iReady/IStation and Dreambox lessons. These lessons will also be available from anywhere.

  • Monday Launch: Students may also participate in online tutoring provided by Yes Class Boulder Tutoring as an additional support.

High School Students

  • Monday Launch: In-person access to mental health supports, by appointment
  • Monday Launch: Drop in opportunity for safe and secure supervised environment

  • Monday Launch: SAT/AP prep and High School Credit Recovery



Area Superintendent Margaret Crespo speaks about the Catch Up Plan during the February 16, 2021 Board of Education Special Meeting.