Boulder Valley School District

ASCENT Program

Get a year or more of college paid for!

ASCENT is a program that pays tuition for students to take a year of college courses at a community college after their senior year. If a student plans appropriately, they can complete that 5th year of High School with as much as two years of college paid for.

Application Deadline is February 1of the student's senior year




9th- 11th Grade

Determine if ASCENT is appropriate for your academic plan

  • Review FAQs below

  • Discuss option with parents/guardians

  • Discuss option with counselor

  • Update your ICAP every semester

9th-12th Grade

Earn a minimum of 12 college credits with a grade of C or better (AP/IB test scores do not apply unless they have been accepted by a college)


October of 12th grade

Apply for FAFSA


Research College Scholarship opportunities

December of 12th grade

With your counselor, complete this checklist

Submit ASCENT Letter of Intent to Counselor

January of 12th grade Apply to Front Range Community College or Metropolitan State University (includes signing up for COF)
FEBUARY 1st of 12th grade Complete and submit a one page essay explaining why you want to participate in ASCENT. Submit to your counselor the completed and signed Agreement Form (English / Spanish), and High School and College Transcripts
May of 12th grade Walk with your graduation class
End of May ASCENT notifications determined
June 30 Confirm you will participate in the ASCENT program


Frequently Asked Questions