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College Before Graduation

Would you like to get started on your college degree while in High School?

Or how about earning industry certification so you can start your career sooner?

The College Before Graduation Program allows students to earn college/industry certifications and high school credits simultaneously. Students may significantly reduce their college expenses, increase the likelihood that they will complete college, and earn marketable workforce skills by taking college credit courses. BVSD offers a variety of ways for students to earn these credits.

In order to participate in this program, please see the information below. All courses must be approved by the student's high school principal and counselor. BVSD pays the equivalent of the current Community College tuition rate for courses at Front Range Community College and CU Boulder. CU Boulder tuition rates are higher. Families are responsible for the paying the difference plus books and fees as required by each school. Fees for 2020-21 will be posted once the colleges release them. Grades earned become part of the student's permanent college transcript and GPA, so please consider wisely if this program is appropriate. Courses taken Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory are not covered in this program (except as allowed during the COVID-19 crisis Spring 2020). In courses where a letter grade below a 'C" is given (including a 'D', 'F', 'W', or 'I'), the family agrees to reimburse the district for the costs paid. Students are responsible for knowing and following all district and college deadlines.

Deadlines to turn all BVSD paperwork in to your counselor are:

  • For Fall courses: May 1
  • For Spring courses: November 15 - if you do not receive notification of approval by December 1, please contact
  • For ASCENT: February 1 (of your senior year)
  • For Summer courses: APRIL 15 (*new date)

** Please visit college websites (CU Boulder, FRCC) for updated COVID information and policies.

NEW RESOURCE!! For BVSD students in any Front Range Community College course, individual and small group tutoring is available for writing assistance. Please contact to set up an appointment. All sessions are free of charge.


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Enrollment Procedures

Step 1: Meet with your counselor to discuss appropriate course options.

Step 2: Complete the google form for the semester you are requesting:

Step 3: Complete and submit to your counselor this agreement form signed by you and your guardian. Click here for the agreement form in Spanish.

Step 4: After your counselor has approved your course selection, you are responsible for working with the college, registering for the approved course(s), and paying the appropriate tuition and/or fees. See this CU Summer Checklist CU Fall checklistFRCC checklist for more details.

Step 5: Turn in your course schedule to your high school counselor.

* IMPORTANT: If you have specific, individual needs (i.e. 504 or IEP), you must contact CU’s/FRCC's Office of Disability Services to learn about how your needs will be met. Please do this as soon as possible so that accommodations are in place when classes start.

College Before Graduation FAQs

Dates and Deadlines

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CU Information

Tuition: BVSD pays only the local community college tuition rate (after COF is applied), regardless of which college or university the student attends. For example, tuition for approved courses taken at Colorado Community Colleges are fully covered, but families are responsible for the additional tuition costs of any other public post-secondary institution.

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Spring student welcome letter   

CU Tuition and Fees

CU Academic Calendar (including drop deadlines) 

Resources: Students taking classes through CU Boulder are encouraged to utilize these services:

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Front Range Information

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Student Fees (fees vary depending on campus and online classes; student is responsible for paying student fees. If funds are available, BVSD will pay fees for students in need)

Resources: Students taking classes through FRCC are encouraged to utilize these services:



Contact Us 

Madeline Brockish
College Before Graduation Administrative Assistant

Also check out the Colorado Department of Education website on options for earning college credit while in high school.