College Before Graduation

The College Before Graduation Program allows students to earn college and high school credits simultaneously. Students may significantly reduce their college expenses, increase the likelihood that they will complete college, and earn marketable workforce skills by taking college credit courses while in high school. BVSD offers a variety of ways for students to earn these credits.

In order to participate in this program, please see the information below. All courses must be approved by the student's high school principal and counselor.

Deadlines to turn all paperwork into your counselor are:

  • For Fall courses: May 1
  • For Spring courses: November 1
  • For ASCENT: February 1 (of your senior year)
  • For Summer courses: March 15
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Enrollment Procedures

Step 1: Meet with your counselor to discuss appropriate course options.

Step 2: Complete the google form provided by the counselor.

Step 3: Complete and submit to your counselor this agreement form signed by you and your guardian. Click here for the agreement form in Spanish.

Step 4: After your counselor has approved your course selection, you are responsible for working with the college, registering for the approved course(s), and paying the appropriate tuition and/or fees. See this CU checklist / FRCC checklist for more details.

Step 5: Turn in your course schedule to your high school counselor.

* IMPORTANT: If you have specific, individual needs (i.e. 504 or IEP), you must contact CU’s/FRCC's Office of Disability Services to learn about how your needs will be met.

Dates and Deadlines

College Before Graduation FAQs

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Tuition: BVSD pays only the local community college tuition rate (after COF is applied), regardless of which college or university the student attends. For example, tuition for approved courses taken at Colorado Community Colleges are fully covered, but families are responsible for the additional tuition costs of any other public post-secondary institution.

Click here for next steps after submitting BVSD paperwork

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