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The BVSD Music Curriculum provides the foundation for quality music instruction for students and represents the core program for which all schools are accountable. The BVSD Academic Standards in music are the topical organization of the concepts and skills all Colorado students should know and be able to do throughout their preschool through twelfth-grade experience.

1. Expression of Music

2. Creation of Music

3. Theory of Music

4. Aesthetic Valuation of Music

2018 Best communities for music education

BVSD has been honored with the Best Communities for Music Education designation from The NAMM Foundation for its outstanding commitment to music education.

The Best Communities for Music Education designation is awarded to districts that demonstrate outstanding achievement in efforts to provide music access and education to all students. To qualify for the Best Communities designation, BVSD answered detailed questions about funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, instruction time, facilities, support for the music program, and community music-making programs. Learn more here.


Music is an essential component of a child’s education. In elementary music, students focus on singing, playing instruments, improvising, composing, reading and notating music, as well as analyzing, evaluating and integrating music with other academic disciplines. This skill-based approach spirals learning through each grade level and continues through more advanced musical studies. All 5th Grade Students learn to play an instrument.

Elementary Music Curriculum


  • Introduction to many formal elements of music through the discovery and exploration of music. 
  • Using their voices and classroom instruments for music making.
  • Label music elements such as beat, simple rhythms, and musical qualities such as high/low, loud/soft, and fast/slow.
  • Performing, moving to and actively listening to music from diverse times, cultures and traditions 

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2nd Grade

  • Perform expressively
  • Identify tone colors
  • Perform melodic and harmonic patterns
  • Comprehend melodic and rhythmic patterns
  • Respect the music- making of others setting
  • Respond to musical elements
  • Create patterns in treble clef
  • Connect music to daily life
  • Improvise phrases
  • Use descriptive music terms
  • Comprehend notational elements

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4th Grade

  • Perform with accuracy
  • Identify notation of musical forms
  • Perform musical patterns
  • Perform notated melodies in treble staff
  • Analyze musical examples
  • Recognize musical patterns
  • Improvise musical phrases
  • Explain personal musical preferences
  • Notate simple melodies
  • Understand musical values of others in a cultural context
  • Use vocabulary to analyze and apply musical elements

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1st Grade

  • Pitches and Patterns
  • Melodic Patterns
  • Beat and Rhythm
  • Technique
  • Quarter Notes /Quarter Rests
  • Pattern
  • Improvisation
  • Listening and Movement
  • Characteristics of Music
  • Elements
  • Effects in performance or Composition

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3rd Grade

  • Perform extended melodic and harmonic patterns
  • Perform from music notation
  • Improvise phrases and patterns
  • Identify tone colors
  • Notate music
  • Comprehend melodic and harmonic patterns
  • Analyze form
  • Identify music preferences
  • Discuss music of diverse cultures
  • Respond to and evaluate musical elements
  • Demonstrate expressive elements 

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5th Grade

  • Perform music
  • Sight-read music
  • Experience major and minor modalities
  • Create music
  • Improvise music
  • Identify patterns
  • Notate music
  • Proper playing technique
  • Critique music
  • Analyze music

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Middle School Music Courses

Middle School music builds on all the concepts learned in elementary school, especially 5th Grade Instrumental Music. Middle Schools offer multiple levels of Orchestra, Choir and Band and some offer Music Technology and Guitar instruction.

See all middle school music courses here. Note: Not all courses are offered at every school so check your school course catalog.


High School Music Courses

High Schools offer an array of music options including band, jazz band, orchestra, choirs, musical theatre, music history, music technology and music theory.

See all high school music courses here. Note: Not all courses are offered at every school so check your school course catalog.

Music Awards and Accolades

BVSD has many students who are selected to perform in the Colorado All State Choir, Colorado All State Band, CU Honors Band, Western States Honor Orchestra, and Colorado All State Orchestra each year.


Western States Honor Orchestra Festival

Boulder High
(Directed by Ryan Woodworth)
Sebastian Willowhawk, cello, Symphony Orchestra
Blue Bryan, bass, Symphony Orchestra
Luke Tsuchiya, bass, Symphony Orchestra

Broomfield High
(Directed by Renee Beri)
Rachel Halperin, cello alternate, Symphony Orchestra

Centaurus High
(Directed by Ana Sarbu)
Amy Delevoryas, cello, Chamber Orchestra

Fairview High
(Directed by David Rutherford)
Kaden Du, bass, Chamber Orchestra
Justin Hein, bass, Chamber Orchestra
Emily Hao, violin 1, Symphony Orchestra
Rachel Park, violin 1, Symphony Orchestra
Shawn Murphy, viola, Symphony Orchestra
Skye Thomson, viola, Symphony Orchestra
Joshua Park, cello, Symphony Orchestra
Eric Sankey, cello, Symphony Orchestra
Kiana Fan, bass, Symphony Orchestra
Charlie Koehler, bass, Symphony Orchestra

Monarch High
(Directed by Kelsey Hoover)
Maks Caron, viola, Chamber Orchestra

All-State Choir


Colorado All-State Jazz Band

Lucas Davis, Centaurus High School

Florence Hughes, Fairview High School

Milo Lewon, Boulder High School

Colorado All-State Jazz Choir

Leah Kirby, Fairview High School

Paige Wiemer, Fairview High School

Colorado All-State Band

Boulder High

Tyler Irving

Centaurus High

Jorin Benson

Ahnna Rom (alternate)

Fairview High

Samuel Jarvis

Nicholas Phillips

Isabel Thronberry

Kaleb Manske (alternate)

Peak to Peak

Catherine Li

Madison Lin

Daniel McCall

Benjamin McCloskey

Prashasth Satish

Arden Xu

Colorado All-State Choir

Boulder High School

Teacher: Mary Bateman

Brooke Curry

Marcus Schaller

Southern Hills Middle School

Teacher: Tina Dozauer-Ray

Sarah Shehigian

Juliet Koechel

Liv Kosanovich

Annaliese Markel

Saisree Kumar

Julia Abboud

Annie Tanner

Stella Zahradka

Fairview High School

Teacher: Janice Vlahos

Cameron Holland

Monarch High School

Teacher: Zach Cole

Owen Atkinson

Ashlyn Spanarella

Max Murray


Platt Middle School

Teacher: Karen Hannahoe

Taylor Burke

Sofia Dale

Sarah Hunter

Bradley Hambleton

Jackson Miller

Korben Stone

Noe Sura

Noah Sherry

Samantha Sterritt

Henry Banks

Logan Hirschland

Summit Middle School

Teacher: Amy Austin

Kylie Berg

Avanti Gautam

Yosha Gautam

Sofia Gross

Ria Marlin

Elanor Tompkins

Aurelia Kembel

Davis Hill

Gunnar Neufeld

Colorado All-State Orchestra

Boulder High School

Tyler Irving

Marcus Schaller

Cailani Lemieux Mack

Elena Wolvington

Sebastian Willowhawk

Luke Tsuchiya

Lucy Rissman

Terry Vis

Cora Tenenbaum

Centaurus High School

Carson Conley

Amy Delevoryas

Fairview High School

Luna Reid

Piper Catlin

Maxwell Story

Isabel Thornberry

Eojin Lee

Greta Koenig

Youngbin Yoon

Justin Hein

Monarch HS

Jayden Kazantsev

Maks Caron

Peak to Peak

Ashley Tang

Ben McCloskey

Brandon Guo

CU Honors Band

Centaurus High School

Ahnna Rom

Luke Fischer

Carson Conley

Jorin Benson

Ellie Vogelsberg

Fairview High School

Isabel Thornberry

Ayla Danabasoglu

Florence Hughes

Nicolas Phillips

Hayden Outlaw

Louisville Middle School

Elyse Cutforth

Beatrice Lighthiser

Elliot Frank

Allie Grasso

Monarch High School

Marisa Weissmann

Peak to Peak Charter School

Katelyn Remund

Platt Middle School

Cecil Carroll

Summit Charter Middle School

Kelly Young

Western States Honor Orchestra

Boulder High School

(directed by Ryan Woodworth)

Blue Bryan, bass

Lucy Rissman, violin

Cora Tenenbaum, viola

Terry Vis, violin

Sebastian Willowhawk, cello

Elena Wolvington, viola

Broomfield High School

(directed by Renee Beri)

Rachel Halperin, cello

Centaurus High School

(directed by Heather Murphy)

Amy Delevoryas, cello

Noah Lykins, viola

Monarch High School

(directed by Kelsey Hoover)

Maks Caron, viola

Peak to Peak High School

(directed by Kajsa Schneider)

Brandon Guo, violin

Fairview High School

(directed by Mindy Anderson)

Kanoe Aiu, cello

Kaden Du, bass

Kiana Fan, bass

Paige Franklin, violin

Justin Hein, bass

Leah Kirby, violin

Kaidan Larson, violin

Alex Mizzi, violin

Shawn Murphy, viola

Luna Reid, violin

Eric Sankey, cello

Max Story, cello

Youngbin Yoon, cello


Colorado All-State Choir

  • Owen Atkinson, Monarch High School
  • Ethan Oliver, Fairview High School
  • Korben Smart, Boulder High School
  • Cameron Holland, Fairview High School
  • Zane Tsuchiya, Boulder High School
  • Wade McClung, Fairview High School
  • Peter Kennedy, Fairview High School
  • Lucas McLeod, Centaurus High School
  • Brooke Curry, Boulder High School
  • Angela Li, Fairview High School
  • Shannon Ireland, Broomfield High School

Colorado All-State Band

  • Ahnna Rom, Centaurus High School
  • Mary Vogelsberg, Centaurus High School
  • Charlie Fischer, Centaurus High School
  • Jorin Benson, Centaurus High School
  • Kate Uchida, Centaurus High School
  • Megan Finnigan, Centaurus High School
  • Scott McCall, Peak to Peak High School
  • Jonathan Vehida, Centaurus High School
  • Ellie Vogelsberg, Centaurus High School
  • Ben McCloskey, Peak to Peak High School
  • Mikayla Frank-Martin, Centaurus High School
  • John Painter, Centaurus High School
  • Colin Roberts, Centaurus High School
  • Annika Ekrem, Boulder High School
  • Isabella Ford, Monarch High School
  • Samuel Jarvis, Fairview High School
  • Theodore Morgan, Fairview High School
  • Chris Prinster, Fairview High School
  • Christian Wilson, Fairview High School
  • Sam Dusinberre, Fairview High School
  • Karen Buci, Monarch High School
  • Avivah Malin, Boulder High School
  • Jonathan Vehida, Centaurus High School
  • Brody Austin, Monarch High School
  • Evan Allenson, Monarch High School
  • John Painter, Centaurus High School


Colorado All State Choir

  • Issac Hoffman, Centaurus High School
  • Jessie Bolger, Fairview High School
  • Carrie Douglass, Fairview High School
  • Ellie Hackbarth, Broomfield High School
  • Jacob Aychman, Centaurus High School
  • Claire McConville, Monarch High School
  • Sienna Sewell, Fairview High School
  • Natalie Wilcoxen, Broomfield High School
  • Caroline Thompson, Fairview High School
  • Sydney McDonald, Monarch High School
  • Allison Armstrong, Fairview HIgh School
  • Kalianne Zack, Broomfield High School

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