Boulder Valley School District


Students Reading

Literacy instruction in Boulder Valley School District is aligned to evidence-based practices. BVSD teachers use materials that support the two components of The Simple View of Reading, decoding and language comprehension.

  • Students receive direct, explicit, systematic instruction in decoding. 
  • Teachers use programs specifically designed for foundational skills.
  • Phonemic awareness and phonics skills are developed with intentionality over time in order to help students “break the code'' and continuously progress towards personal literacy proficiency.
  • Language comprehension is supported through whole-class reading mini lessons, interactive read alouds, small group reading, book clubs and strategic vocabulary instruction. 

Students in BVSD benefit from teachers committed to growth in their understanding of language development, evidence-based instruction, identifying the characteristics of Dyslexia, challenging talented and gifted learners and the Colorado READ Act.

BVSD is committed to refining its literacy practices so that ALL students can learn to read and spell without frustration.

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