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At Boulder Valley School District, we aim to provide an innovative, whole-child approach to learning to aid in students’ development as problem-solvers in a scientific and technological world.

  1. BVSD seeks to guide and facilitate young learners in their process of exploration and design: helping them to craft investigative questions, objectively consider evidence, organize their thoughts into explanations, and engage in thoughtful argumentation.

  2. BVSD aims to provide a rich science and engineering experience by engaging students in constructing their own ideas through reading informational text, participating in hands-on investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, and collaborating with peers to construct oral and written scientific explanations.

  3. BVSD seeks to provide many opportunities to build a strong foundation in some of the key underlying themes in science and engineering: patterns, cause and effect, structure and function, and systems.

Featured High School Course

Science Research Seminar



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All Grade District Event

Destination Imagination

TBD, 2022

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Secondary Grades District Event

Corden Pharma Science Fair 

TBD, 2022

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