Science Research Seminar

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Mark your calendars for the 2020 Science Research Symposium Saturday April 25th 9am - 12pm at New Vista High School.



  • Are you a scientist interested in mentoring? Please fill out this form to let students know about your research so they can contact you. 
  • Not available to mentor this year? Complete The "Mentors Unavailable" Form - students, if you contact someone who is not available, please update this form as well.   

Students, as you begin your research, please make sure you do the following:


If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email your questions to...


Boulder Valley School District

6500 Arapahoe, Boulder, 80303

What is SRS?

Program Description, Purpose, and Details:

Boulder Valley’s seven high schools offer this amazing class for students interested in any type of science. The purpose of this class is to provide an opportunity for students to fully participate in research projects in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Students either experience several months of working in a lab or science facility with science or technology mentors who provide guidance and supervision as the student pursues his/her research or will choose to work in the high school laboratory closely monitored by the high school teacher.

All students have a regular high school classroom teacher, who maintains communication with the mentors of his or her students.

Professors, undergraduate, graduate students, and post-docs can serve as mentors. This program does not need to take a lot of a mentor's time, as many students can do their own research at their prospective high schools, only contacting mentors for advice in procedure design and analysis of data.


The students prepare a research project poster for the District Science Fair in February, create a powerpoint/google slides presentation which is presented orally at the Boulder Valley Science Symposium in April, and write a scientific abstract and paper.

Typically, students spend 6-10 hours/week working on their research. The amount of time that the mentors spend with the student varies depending on the nature of the project.

During the initial interview, the student, mentor and classroom teacher clearly define what each person is able to contribute during the year. The classroom teacher is expected to make contact with the student weekly, to assure that the student is keeping up with the course work, and meeting the expectations defined during the initial interview.

Science Research Symposium

Science Research Symposium is a PowerPoint presentation competition for students in SRS and affiliated classes. Students prepare a ~10min presentation which they present to a panel of judges as well as members of the community. Students win awards for their performance in their category. 

When: TBA April 2020

Where: New Vista High School, 700 20th St. Boulder, CO. Parking is free in the school lot.

Who: SRS students will be presenting. Mentors, parents, siblings, friends and community members are welcome to attend as well.

Student and Judge Registration- Coming soon

SRS Paperwork

Proposal and Presentation Examples

Proposal Examples

Presentation Examples

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