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At Boulder Valley School District, we aim to prepare students to be lifelong learners and to have successful, civically engaged lives.


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Boulder Regional History Day 

March 14, 2020

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  • Ask questions, share information and discuss ideas about the past  
  • Chronological thinking about the past, present and future 
  • Rules, resolving conflict and making decisions 
  • Civic participation, and citizenship 
  • People and places can be found on a map or globe 
  • Ownership, asking permission and sharing 
  • Wants and needs

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2nd Grade

  • Historical sources
  • Natural resources
  • People influencing history
  • Local community
  • Personal economic choices 
  • Personal responsibility
  • Neighborhoods

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4th Grade

  • Colorado historical events in relationship to key events in the United States
  • Timeline of Colorado history (cause and effect)
  • Relationship between choice and opportunity costs
  • Geographic connections
  • Geographic Tools
  • Cultural development and diversity in state settlement
  • Economic history of Colorado
  • Function and structure of Colorado government
  • Responsible citizenship

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1st Grade

  • Families & Traditions
  • Historical Leaders
  • National Symbols
  • Calendars and Chronological Order
  • Maps and Globes
  • Natural resources
  • Personal Financial short term goals.
  • Jobs, Goods & Services
  • Leaders, places, holidays
  • Leadership & Team Member

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3rd Grade

  • Historical fact and fiction
  • Short Term Financial Goals
  • Local Government
  • Development of community
  • Views and Rights
  • Component of Democracy
  • Regions
  • Geographic Tools
  • Exchange of Goods and Services

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5th Grade

  • History of North America 1491-1787
  • Analyze government and markets
  • Multiple points of view in developing history of North America 1491-1787
  • Origins, structure and function of U.S. government
  • Personal and institutional finance
  • Individual/ group rights and responsibilities
  • Cause and effect of migrations and colonization of North America
  • Map usage and comprehension of places and regions in North America

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Students in 4th Grade may take the Colorado Measure of Academic Success (CMAS) Social Studies test in the spring (The state picks a sampling of schools each year).

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Parent Resources

Take a visit to explore the Museum of Boulder/History of Boulder Museum.

Visit the History Colorado Center.

Try out some of these activities that can be done at home.





6th Grade Social StudiesSixth graders will analyze historical sources and eras through the study of the Western Hemisphere, focusing on the components of civilizations both ancient and modern, analyzing patterns in history, and looking at how the past influences the present. Emphasis is placed on resource distribution, competition, cooperation and conflict and human-environment interaction. Students will use geographic tools to analyze information and data pertaining to Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Canada. Civic and global awareness is highlighted, as is the role of the U.S. in the Western Hemisphere. Multiple perspectives and appreciation of diverse backgrounds will also be explored. Students will also study how savings and investing can contribute to financial well-being.

Learn more about the 6th grade social studies curriculum

7th Grade Social Studies

Seventh graders will study the Eastern Hemisphere and focus on developing the skills necessary to analyze and interpret this area of the world from a geographic, historical and cultural perspective. Students will develop an understanding of the physical and cultural processes that shape regions and people and an appreciation for our roles and responsibilities as world citizens. Students will also study the emergence of major religions. In addition, principles of financial literacy will be addressed.

Learn more about the 7th grade social studies curriculum8th Grade Social Studies

Eighth Graders will learn the social impacts and multiple perspectives of people associated with significant events in pre-1890 American history. Students will learn about contributions made by many groups who shaped and continue to influence the American experience. Students will engage in historical inquiry as they analyze multiple sources, perspectives and geographical tools. Students will consider how resources impact human settlement and interaction. Students will learn about personal credit and debt. Students also will examine the role of the Constitution in our government and our societal values.

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Students in 7th Grade may take the Colorado Measure of Academic Success (CMAS) Social Studies test in the spring (The state picks a sampling of schools each year).

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Here in BVSD Social Studies plays an important role in ensuring that all children are prepared for successful, civically engaged lives.

To make this possible BVSD high schools have extensive course offerings in social studies, including Economics, Psychology, US, World, and Local History and Geography classes, Race Relations, Anthropology, Government, and Law. You can find all the high school social studies courses here. Not all courses are offered at every school, so check with your school about what classes are being offered.


Students in 11th Grade may take the Colorado Measure of Academic Success (CMAS) Social Studies test in the spring (The state picks a sampling of schools each year).

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