Theatre Arts

We seek to embrace the whole child and nurture each and every student's abilities. All of our middle and high schools have after school theatre programs that produce high quality performances throughout the year.

We take great pride in our expansive offering of Theatre Arts classes throughout the middle and high schools in the district, from Theatre Arts to Acting to Stage Production to Film.

Theatre Courses

Note: Not all courses are offered at all schools. Check your school's course catalog.

Middle School Courses

Theatre Arts 1

Theatre Arts Focus 1 provides opportunities for students to learn about drama. Stage directions and theatrical vocabulary are introduced. This course provides situations for developing poise and confidence, interacting with others and appreciating the contribution of others. Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are applied as students demonstrate and perform what they are learning.

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Theatre Arts 2

Theatre Arts 2 follows Theatre Arts 1. Students continue to develop acting skills while preparing for and performing in plays. Students participate creatively in both acting and production details. Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills will be applied as students demonstrate and perform what they are learning.

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Exploratory Acting

Exploratory Acting focuses on gaining background in the basics of acting. Theatrical vocabulary is introduced. Emphasis is on pantomime, improvisation, and producing short plays. Students also discuss current stage plays and television drama.

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High School Courses

Theatre 1

Theatre 1 provides a foundation in all aspects of theatre: history, play analysis, terminology, stage movement, vocal exercises, memorization, character interpretation, production principles, and selection and evaluation of plays.

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Theatre 2

Theatre 2 focuses on decision-making in writing, directing, acting, critiquing, designing and constructing performances. Students, through analysis of theatrical works and from performing, develop abilities and skills to be flexible, to solve conflicts, and to express themselves creatively.

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Theatre 3

Theatre 3 is an advanced study in theatre arts and production. Students develop the skills that are necessary for the successful staging of a play and apply them in a production situation. Students become acquainted with all major components of production and work with these components in a practical manner by producing a theatrical presentation.

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Stagecraft 1

Stagecraft teaches students the skills and concepts essential to stagecraft, and technical theatre. Students engage daily in hands-on activities that revolve around scenic design, theatrical management, and construction techniques. Through collaborative learning, individual and group projects, and critical analysis students develop advanced qualities of leadership, and responsibility.

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Stagecraft 2

This course is imperative for the student who is interested in preparing a technical theatre portfolio for entrance into college, university, or the professional world. Stagecraft II concentrates on specialized technical skills pertaining to Theatre & Production. This is an extended pathways course that is directed at students who intend to pursue postsecondary education or vocation in theatre, which might lead to careers in theatre education, performance, technical production, theater management, or other theatre-related areas. The expectations in the Extended pathway meet all of the prepared graduate competencies with a much higher degree of rigor appropriate to the expectations of postsecondary theatre opportunities.

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Improvised Performance

Improvised Performance provides opportunities for students to develop and practice performance skills such as projection, articulation, audience awareness, connected action and reaction. Character development, expression, imagination and appreciation of group dynamics are also emphasized. Students focus on various improvised performance styles and demonstrate their learning through multiple public performances.

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Acting 1

This course focuses on decision-making in writing, directing, acting, critiquing, designing and constructing performances. Students, through analysis of theatrical works and from performing, develop abilities and skills to be flexible, to solve conflicts, and to express themselves creatively.

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Acting 2

Acting 2 develops critical and reflective thinking skills along with the ability to respond through writing, speaking, and logical expression. Students are involved in script analysis, character analysis, design interpretations, and marketing planning. They learn self direction and self expression while engaging in thoughtful critique and cultural research to prepare and then convey thoughts and emotions to audiences through performances. Students in this course are actors, artisans, managers, designers, technicians, and marketers and will collaborate in planning, staffing, practicing and performing.

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Video and Film Production 1

Video and Film Production provides opportunities for students to write, produce, and edit video and film. Students are responsible for planning, handling technical equipment, and employing technical knowledge. Students also analyze film, video, and television. This course is also available to be taken in an online format.

Video and Film Production 2

Intermediate video production is a semester-long course in which students will write, act and produce group short and medium length video projects, many of which will be showcased at Boulder High music and theatre events, Panther Television and the year-end film festival. This course is also an opportunity to create polished portfolio pieces for the college application process. We will begin by critiquing films in several genres, presenting a variety of filmmaking techniques and working hands-on to build skills in the areas of production, cinematography, camcorder operation, sound technology and digital editing. During the second half of the course, students will work on a 20 minute featurette to be submitted as a final project.

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School Information

All BVSD High Schools have after school theatre programs and produce high quality performances each year. All high schools, with the exception of Centaurus, offer theatre classes.

All BVSD middle schools also have after school theatre programs. All middle schools, with the exception of Angevine, offer theatre classes.

See below for high school theater specific pages. Check the high school course catalogs at each school to see the current class offerings.


Past Performances

Boulder High 2017

Fairview High 2018

Monarch High 2017

Community Resources

There are also many opportunities for students to get involved with community theatre programs.

The organizations below also offer opportunities to take children to shows performed by kids as a great way to introduce them to theatre.


CU Presents

  • Classroom opportunities
  • Summer Camps



Denver Center for Performing Arts

  • Classroom/School Opportunities

  • Classes for kids ages 3-18



Peanut Butter Players

  • Classes/camps for kids in Grade 1-8


Boulder Performing Arts Co

  • Classes/camps for kids ages 3-12



The Arts Hub

  • Classes/camps for kids Grades 1-12


Center Stage Theatre Compact

  • Classes and camps for kids ages 4-14


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