District Updates

Boulder Valley School District aims to be open and transparent about the evolving COVID-19 situation and fall reintroduction. All email updates will also be included on this page for the community.


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Back Together BVSD

Boulder Valley School District is continuing to move forward, cautiously, with its staggered and differentiated plan to return students to the classroom – beginning next Tuesday, September 29, with the groups listed in the chart below – but working towards including all BVSD students in coming weeks.

Back Together BVSD

Tonight, ahead of schedule, the Working Advisory Group presented some of their recommendations to the Board of Education. We have decided to move forward with the following proposals, which will move us to Phase 2+ – Limited In-Person Learning, starting this month for select groups of students, including the return of K-2 students to class on Tuesday, September 29

student playing with legos

The 34 member Working Advisory Group, made up of teachers, school principals, district administrators and parents was charged with exploring ways to safely return students to in-person learning as soon as possible. They’ve taken that mission to heart. Working at a feverish pace, the group is already ready to make a handful of recommendations, backed by the Boulder Valley Education Association, to the Board of Education on Tuesday, nearly a month ahead of schedule.