Health and Safety Precautions

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The health and safety of our students and staff is a top priority of our Back Together Reintroduction Plan.

In the reintroduction plan, BVSD will be focusing on health precautions and protocols in the areas of physical distancing, essential protective gear, increased cleaning and disinfecting, student cohorts, and health screenings.

BVSD's Layered Approach to COVID-19



Case and Outbreak Guidance

State announces new reopening framework

The State of Colorado has moved to a new dial framework that allows counties to reopen their economies to the fullest extent possible while protecting their communities. This tool will provide transparency and predictability for local governments and allow for a visual representation of a county’s success in suppressing the virus.

The dial framework has five levels, from least to most restrictive, to guide county response to COVID-19:

  1. Protect Our Neighbors
  2. Safer at Home 1 - Cautious
  3. Safer at Home 2 – Concern
  4. Safer at Home 3 – High Risk
  5. Stay at Home

Currently Boulder County is at Level 2: Concern, which is the status quo to all activities and capacities Boulder County has been operating under up to this point. Track Boulder County’s progress and current status here.

Counties move between levels based on three metrics:

  • New cases: ​How much the virus is circulating in a county
  • Percent positivity​: Whether there is sufficient COVID-19 testing to capture the level of virus transmission
  • Impact on hospitalizations​:​ Whether hospitalizations are increasing, stable, or declining

Learn more about the dial framework

BVSD Health and Safety Protocols

Health Guidance during COVID-19 (English | Spanish)

Face Covering Guidance (English | Spanish)

Addressing individual student needs and face covers

Cleaning Protocols (English | Spanish)

Safety and Security Protocols (English | Spanish)

Bus Protocols (English | Spanish)

Learning Environments during COVID-19 (English | Spanish)

Outdoor Learning Guidelines (English | Spanish)

Ventilation Protocols (English | Spanish)

Food Services Protocols (English | Spanish)