Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is a Quiz Bowl Style Competition for students in grades 3-12. Yes, it is a competition, but the purpose is to foster a love of reading!

When students enroll in this battle, they commit to working with a school team to read books from the Battle of the Books list. The list includes ten books of various levels of difficulty. Students can read the books independently, as part of a school group, or with an adult. Some titles are also available as audiobooks, which is a great strategy as well. Students then compete in teams at the school to answer questions about the books. In May, each school sends one team per participating grade level to compete in the district Battle of the Books. The goal of Battle of the Books is to teach students how to work together in a group for a common goal, expose them to award-winning pieces of literature, and encourage a high volume of reading inside and outside of the classroom.

Congratulations to the 2019 BOB Winners!

3rd grade

1st - Superior

2nd - Lafayette

3rd - Ryan

4th grade

1st - High Peaks

2nd - Ryan

3rd - Foothill

5th grade

1st - Whittier

2nd - Peak to Peak

3rd - Douglass

6th grade

1st - Peak to Peak

2nd - Summit

3rd - Eldorado K8

7th grade

1st - Peak to Peak

2nd - Louisville

3rd - Monarch K8

8th grade

1st - Angevine

2nd - BHMS

3rd - Casey

2020 Battle of the Books Competition

Saturday, May 2 - Centaurus High School 9am - 12:30 pm (Elementary)  

Wednesday, April 8 - Broomfield High School 4-6 pm (High School)

Book list announced for 2020 Competition!

team competing in battle of the books