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National History Day in Colorado is a social studies and literacy program that equips students in elementary, middle, and high school with the skills necessary to succeed in college and the real world. Students participate in a project-based learning curriculum that emphasizes critical reading and thinking, research, analysis, and the drawing of meaningful conclusions. Students can complete these projects in groups or as individuals in one of five categories: documentary, paper, exhibit, performance, or website. Regional winners compete at the State Contest in May on the University of Colorado Denver campus. First and second place state winners compete in Nationals at the University of Maryland, College Park in June.

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The next Boulder Regional History Day will take place on March 14, 2020.

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Congratulations to the 2019 National History Day Winners!

2nd Place, Junior Group Documentary
Elie Musfeldt & Natalie Pujet
"The Apollo 1 Disaster: The Tragedy that Landed a Man on the Moon"
Southern Hills Middle School

3rd Place,Junior Group Performance
Sebastian Pujet & Andrew Prazen
"The Monster Who Fed the World: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Fritz Haber"
Southern Hills Middle School

Best in State: Junior Division
Carly Gunning & Sevilla Grider

"Berlin Wall: Triumph and Tragedy of Lives Separated by a Concrete Barrier"
Junior Group Website
Monarch PK-8


Congratulations to the following BVSD students who placed in the Top 10 at the

National History Day Contest on June 11-14 in College Park, MD:

  • Junior Paper, third place, Emery Jansen, Southern Hills

Title: Where the River Runs Dry: Conflict Over Water in the West and the Compromise of the Colorado River Compact (Read paper here)

  • Senior Paper, second place, Tammy Zhang, Fairview

Title: The Conflict of Conservation, Fashion, and Industry: Compromise Between Environmentalists, Women, and the Plume Trade (Read paper here)

  • Junior Individual Exhibit Finalist (Top 10), Aubrey Mosley, Broomfield Heights Middle

Title: The Unknown Colorado War: A Governor's Demise

  • Senior Individual Documentary Finalist (Top 10), Joy Ma, Fairview

Title: Kicking the Way to Equality: The Story of Donna Hoover, Title IX, and the Equal Protection Clause (see video here)

  • Senior Individual Performance Finalist (Top 10), Isabella Gibb, Fairview

Title: Detroit 1967: A Pivotal Race Relations Conflict Following a City's Failure to Compromise

State Award Winners

These students also advanced to the NHD Contest: Junior Group Performance, Maddie Ball & Evelyn Hanes, Aspen Creek K-8, Title: Pro Compromise: The Fight for the Decriminalization of Abortion; Junior Individual Documentary, Tate McDonald, BHMS, Title: Dalton Trumbo and the Red Scare: the Conflict in Compromising his Freedom for his Beliefs; Junior Individual Website, Jason Cui, Southern Hills, Title: Breaking the Ice of the Cold War: The Pianist Who Opened Diplomatic Doors, Senior Group Documentary, Jorden Appel, Presley Church, Madison Fischer, Eva Murdock & Leah Yonemoto-Weston, Boulder High, Title: Rocky Flats: Uncovering the Cover Up; Senior Group Website, Louis King & Jay Meyers, Boulder High, Title: Westward Expansion and Native Americans; and Senior Individual Website, Luke Pan, Fairview, Title: The Camp David Accords: ​Searching for an Uncertain Peace.


Congratulations to our 17 students who advanced to the National History Day Contest in 2017!

These students received special awards at the national level:

Quinn Perian, Summit Middle School

Josiah Boehm & St. John Tsuno-Wayne, Summit Middle School

Eric Sankey, Summit Middle School


2017 National Qualifiers

Grace Albright & Emma Kraft, Summit Middle

Kate Barlament, Pema Sherpa & Julie Young, Summit Middle

Josiah Boehm & St. John Wayne, Summit Middle

Eric Sankey, Summit Middle

Alan Rivera Rodriguez, Summit Middle

Emily Maran, Summit Middle

Quinn Perian, Summit Middle

Grace Bryant & Madeleine Gallop, Fairview High

Ekaterina Yudina

Youngbin Yoon, Fairview High

Rebekah Stein, Boulder High

Jordan Appel, Boulder High


Congratulations to our Boulder Regional History Day Winners