Boulder Valley School District

Academic Achievement



Lily T.

Cells are the building blocks for all living organisms


The Time Tree

The Time Tree photo of writing

Finn C. 

I wrote a short story/poem which is creative writing.


Ode to Snow (a poem)

Caroline M.


The Silver Wolves book cover

Ainsley R.

My book is a story about an autistic girl who realizes that she actually belongs in a different world - a magical world. This relates to the theme because it is creative, and I have worked hard on it. Also, as a bonus, it is a novel about an autistic girl.



Reciting pi (π) for the first 100 decimal places

Peter C.

π—is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle.


My Video Games (Python Code)

Matthew D.

I have created two video games by Python coding, which I taught to myself using a book. I am also demonstrating creativity in my game design.


Orgullosa de ser Bilingüe essay

Yuna L.

"Proud to be Trilingual" essay