Boulder Valley School District



In Loving Memory: Raising Money for Childhood Cancer Research

Dalila Hobbs

I'm showing leadership by shaving my head to raise money for childhood cancer research with the St. Baldrick's Foundation. I lost my best friend to cancer and I want to do something to help. This is my 3rd time shaving at the big Boulder High community fundraiser, and I've raised over $25,000 overall. I think it's really important that people don't have to go through what I've gone through and making sure that there are cures being researched is a big step towards ending childhood cancer.


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Julian D.C.

I would like to display multiple "visual art" pieces which tie into leadership as well, with an almost consistent theme of connection, most pieces requiring the participation of the viewers.


A Podcast on Energy Efficiency

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Kyla P.

How to Break Our Bad Habitats