Boulder Valley School District

Staff Showcase

Visual Arts


Freedom painting using an acrylic paint pouring technique

Tisha Lin, GTA at Ryan Elementary

This is painting is an example of the acrylic paint pouring technique where paint moves freely with some guidance of the artist.

Moonlight Garden

Moonlight Garden: This silk painting shows my love of gardening and teaching art.

Jennifer Wise, Art Teacher, Lafayette Elementary

This silk painting shows my love of gardening and teaching art.


A Cowboy's Reverie 

A Cowboy's Reverie poem

Kathy Kinney, Clerical Substitute/Student Enrollment



Jerry Hunter

Here is my song "Orquidário" with my photo of the orchid garden at my relatives' home in Brazil where I worked on the composition a few years ago


NeXt: A Tribute to Steve Jobs...

Upcycled drum into a footrest art using a drum, 78's, a book and bicycle parts

Della M. Remack, TOSA, Gifted Education

This is an old drum upcycled into a footrest containing bicycle parts, Walter Isaacson's book, "Steve Jobs" and old 78's shaped into a tire. Jobs likened a computer to being a "bicycle for the mind."

Visual Arts



Anna Villachica, Art Teacher, Louisville Elementary

Winter Eve's Cold Reflection

Winter Eve's Cold Reflection photo

Fariba Aidun, High Peaks Elementary GT Advisor