Boulder Valley School District

Bilingualism in BVSD

Learn about bilingualism and dual language programming at BVSD.

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BVSD’s CLDE Department is driven by the following core beliefs:

  • Equity serves as the foundation for our work.
  • Partnerships and trust between educators and families are critical to student success.
  • It is critical for educators to understand and honor the language acquisition process and implement best instructional practices to ensure student success.
  • All students bring a wealth of linguistic and cultural experiences that contribute to and support their learning in BVSD.
  • Educators must build upon students’ assets to ensure their educational success.  
  • We believe all educators are teachers of language and impact the experience and success of emerging bilingual students.
  • All students, educators, and families benefit from being part of a diverse learning community.

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In the Boulder Valley School District, a different approach to teaching is underway in many classrooms that is reshaping how students learn and teachers teach. These classes are using co-teaching models, a collaboration that nurtures a culture of inclusivity and growth in the classroom. The co-teaching instructional model emphasizes three fundamental pillars: student inclusion, exposure to grade-level content standards for emerging bilinguals, and developing and strengthening skills, abilities, processes and resources among teachers.