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The Title VI grant from the Federal Government is used for improving the academic standing of the American Indian students.

What is the Office of Indian Education Form, and why should I fill it out?

Most commonly known as the 506 Form, this student eligibility questionnaire provides information to the Federal Government in order to secure funding for the Title VI Indian Education Program. This money is above and beyond the money allocated at the state, county and municipal level and is only available for American Indian students. The Federal dollars secured are used for tutors, fees for tests like the SATs and ACTs, and also for activities and events associated with American Indian/Native American Culture. Every 506 Form that is collected is counted toward the total funding of the Title VI American Indian Education Program in the Boulder Valley School District.

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How do I apply for tutoring for my student?

BVSD and The Indian Parent Council work together to provide academic assistance via Title VI funds, other applicable programs and private fundraising. The priority for tutoring is to bring students to proficiency in Math, Literacy and Science. Tutoring provided under this application will be for one semester. Students may re-apply if they required tutoring for an additional semester. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation for the student promptly at the end of tutoring sessions.

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My student wants to go to college. Are there any resources out there to help?

Application and Admission Help

College Horizons is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to increasing the number of Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students succeeding in college and graduate programs. Since 1998, they have served over 3,300 Native students on their path to higher ed through our admissions and financial aid workshops. Learn more at their website.

College Horizons is committed to helping American Indian students become experts on the college application and admissions process. They offer a summer admissions workshop focused on demystifying the college application process and exploring college options for Native students. They have been very successful in helping Native students apply to college – 99% of students who attend College Horizons attend a 4-year university and of those, 85% graduate within 4-5 years.

The College Horizons Scholars Program is a new three-week summer program designed to empower Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian College Horizons alumni in their transition from high school to college.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science awards annual scholarships to students who have demonstrated leadership, academic achievement, and an interest in a science career. Preference is given to Native American students who are college-bound high school seniors attending a Colorado high school or undergraduates who attend a Colorado college or university. Awards are presented to recipients at an annual reception in the fall. For more information check out their website here.

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) accepts applications for the Wilma Mankiller Fellowship for their Tribal Policy and Governance Fellowship Program. Two or three applicants will be selected to spend time in Washington, DC to work side by side with national leaders in tribal policy. This fellowship takes place over 11 months and includes a stipend and benefits. Applicants must have a college degree or equivalent experience in order to be considered. For more information on internships and fellowships at the NCAI check out their website.

Check out the Center for Native American Youth website for a comprehensive list of available resources (scholarships, fellowships, summer programs, grant opportunities, etc.).

American Indian College Fund: Since 1989, The College Fund has provided more than 119,000 Scholarships. Last year they distributed $7.2 million directly to students

Are there any books geared towards American Indian children?

As a parent, how do I get involved in the American Indian Education Program

You can participate in the American Indian Parent Advisory Council! Here are past agendas and minutes. Check back on this page for upcoming events.

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