Boulder Valley School District

Summer Learning Enrichment

BVSD and our community partners share the goal of providing fun, relevant, and mindful learning activities for our students while staying healthy and safe during the summer. The following activities support students and families in that endeavor. The topics include:

  • Support in practicing healthy habits and managing stress with mindfulness activities

  • Opportunities for engaging and creative family learning projects in all content areas 

  • Learning about our community with fun outdoor activities

  • Specific content support (math, science, social studies, language arts, music, art, physical education, and more)

Elementary Resources

Secondary Resources

A few highlighted activities:




Current Events - Cyberbullying

Imagine you run a major nonprofit aimed at improving young people's mental health and must decide whether to spend time and money backing a bill against cyberbullying. Examine evidence from 2018 to decide. 



*Note: You must sign up for a free NewseumED account to access this content.

Health - Nutrition

Are Energy Drinks Really That Bad? Take a closer look at the science to see if energy drinks are really as bad as the hype, and what it is about them that has doctors concerned.



Math/Science: Engineering

Teach Engineering STEM Curriculum



Take one writing topic and turn it into 18 new ideas. Read about the six different writing purposes and use the 1 topic = 18 topics to list 3 topics for each.



Newsela- all content

Newsela’s social and emotional learning resources


Social Studies - American History (available in Spanish)

Deepen understanding and foster dialogue about one of the most important activists in American history, Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the first farm workers union with César Chávez.



Physical Education

Build an obstacle course inside your house, or create a chalk obstacle course outside and go through it!



Think360 Teaching Artist TV


For more details and a complete list of activities click here: Secondary Self-Paced Summer Learning Menu