BVSD Annual Data Update

The online ADU system has replaced the paper registration process throughout the district. The ADU allows you to review the data we currently have for your student(s) and household. You are able to request changes and updates if needed. This process also allows you to electronically complete and submit the Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet from the Student Rights and Responsibilities Guide. Your child’s school may have other site-specific forms that you will be asked to complete later.

Annual Data Update (via IC)

Note that the Annual Data Update system is only accessible to parents in a student’s primary household. If your child has a secondary household, please update the information for that additional household as well while you are completing the Annual Data Update for your student(s).


Step 1: Ask yourself some Pre-Questions

  1. Is your student already enrolled in BVSD?

    If not, you must complete Online Registration (OLR) rather than Annual Data Update (ADU).
  2. If your student has multiple households (for example, if parents are divorced), do you know if you are the primary or the secondary household)?

    It is a limitation of the Infinite Campus system, that only primary households are able to update household information through the ADU process.  If you are the secondary household, you can still update your household information by contacting your registrar.
  3. Has your address changed?

    If so, you will be required to submit a recent utility bill (within the last 3 months) to verify your new address. If your new address is outside of your student’s current neighborhood area, in the next school year, your student may be moved to the school assigned to your new neighborhood area unless you Open Enroll to your student’s current school.
  4. Have you created your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account yet?
  • If yes, skip Step 2 and proceed to Step 3 (in tab below).
  • If no, see instructions and proceed to Step 2 (in tab below). 

Step 2: Setting up an Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account

To set up a Parent Portal account, you will need an activation key. The activation key should have been sent to the email account you have registered with the school, but a school registrar or community liaison will also be able to give it to you.   

  1. Go to the Infinite Campus Student/Parent Portal.

  2. Click on “If you have been assigned a Campus Activation Key, click here,” and enter your Campus Portal Activation Key on the next screen.

  3. You will be prompted to create your own username and password, and to set up security features, which you will use for future access to the IC Portal and Mobile App.

Step 3: Login to Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Step 3:  Login to Infinite Campus Parent Portal

  1. Go to the Infinite Campus Student/Parent Portal.

    If you have forgotten your password or username: click on the links that appear for "Forgot your password?" or "Forgot your username?" and follow prompts

  2. Once logged in, if you need  to change your default language for your Parent Portal, scroll all the way to the bottom of the Parent Portal Homepage and select the language field to change.

Step 4: Start the ADU Application

Step 4: Start the ADU Application

  1. While in your Parent Portal account in IC, click on the link at the bottom of the menu bar for the “Annual Data Update (ADU).”
  2. Click the “Begin Registration” button.
  3. Select your preferred language.
  4. Fill in your first and last name as a virtual signature.  This virtual signature states that you have permission to update this information and that the information you provide is accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  5. Click Begin

Step 5: Complete the Six ADU Tabs

There are six tabs that the you must review:

On each of the six tabs, the information that BVSD currently has for your household will appear automatically.  You only need to change this information if it needs to be updated (phone numbers, emergency contacts, addresses, household members etc.). Otherwise, you will just be asked to confirm that it is correct.  

Required fields will be marked with a red asterisk(*). 

Each tab will have multiple sections.  Click on each to check which information needs to be updated.

Tab 1: Student Primary Household

Click on each of the sections to check your information and update as needed.

  1. Verify home phone number and then “Click Next.”


  2. Verify address and then “Click Next.” If the address we have is not current, check the box to enter the new address.
    • Once the box has been checked indicating a change of address, new fields will appear.  Enter the date that the previous address became inactive and then enter the new address.
    • Upload a recent utility bill by clicking the upload icon, which will then allow you to find the file on your computer.  If you don’t have access to a scanner, you can always bring in the utility bill to your student’s school or send the school a picture of the bill. 

  3. Once you have verified and updated your household information, press “Save and Continue” to proceed to the next tab.


Tab 2: Parent/Guardian Information

  1. Click on Edit/Review so you can review your personal information. If the student has more than one household,  you will only be able to see the information about your household.
  2. Click on each of the sections to check your information and update as needed.
    • Verify the parent/guardians listed on the Demographics section.
      • If the student’s household has been split into two households recently, the box should be unchecked for the parent who has moved (see below).  When you uncheck the box, the page will expand allowing you to enter the new address or check the box “I will not provide an address for this parent”.
    • Verify your contact information on the Contact Information section.
    • Verify the parent/guardian’s information on the Migrant Worker section.
    • Verify the parent/guardian’s information on the Volunteer section.
    • Once all of the sections under the Parent/Guardian tab have been reviewed, click on “Save/Continue” to move to the next tab.

Tab 3: Emergency Contact

  1. Click on “Edit/Review” to review the information for all of the current Emergency Contacts.
  2. Verify the Demographics section of the emergency contact.
    • If you want to remove an individual as an emergency contact, check the appropriate box.
  3. Verify the Contact Information section of the emergency contact.
  4. Click on “Save/Continue”.  This will take you back to the Emergency Contact Tab. 
  5. Click Edit/Review for each of the Emergency Contacts listed to check your information and make updates as needed. 
  6. To add a new Emergency Contact click on the “Add New Emergency Contact” button and enter your name and contact information.
  7. Once all of the Emergency Contact information has been updated click the “Save/Continue” icon to move to the next tab.

Tab 4: Other Household

This tab shows siblings who are not currently enrolled in a BVSD school.  

  1. Review and add any siblings who are not listed. 

  2. Once all the information on this tab has been reviewed, click “Save/Continue.” 

Tab 5: Student

  1. Click Edit/Review for the first student listed.


  2. Proceed through each of the sections by clicking “Next” at the bottom of each section.
    • Verify the student’s Demographics.
    • Verify Race Ethnicity
    • Verify Relationships
      Make sure to verify the relationship for each individual under each section. 
      • Parent/Guardians
        • If your household has been split into two households, make sure that the “Secondary Household” box is checked next to the parent who heads the secondary household on the "Relationships - Parent/Guardians" section.
      • Emergency Contacts
      • Other Household
      • Verify Health Services 
        • Emergency Information
        • Medical or Mental Health Conditions
        • Medications and Immunizations
          • Click on “Upload Immunizations”, which will allow you to find the document in your files. If you don’t have an electronic version of your child’s immunization records, you can bring them into your child’s school.
      • Complete Release Agreements
        • Military
        • Misc
        • Technology
          • Under the Technology section you will need to check Both boxes and sign the page with the cursor.
  3. Click “Save/Continue” and “Save/Continue” again at the Student tab.  Lastly, click “Submit”

Additional Assistance

Have a question? Contact your school’s registrar for assistance.