Boulder Valley School District


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Boulder Valley School District is committed to keeping our school communities safe. We know that before learning is possible, our students and staff must feel secure, so we have developed measures to protect our children and to respond in the event of a threat at our schools.

See Something? Say Something!

It takes everyone working together to keep our students safe.

We encourage everyone to alert and vigilant. If you hear of a possible threat or see something out of the ordinary, immediately contact your school administrator, BVSD Security or local law enforcement. 

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Report a non-life threatening emergency such as vandalism, water line breaks or suspicious activity around a school to the Security Department at: 

24-Hour BVSD Security Dispatch
or 303-442-2400

In the case of a life threatening emergency, call 911.


Your Role

What Families Should Do

The natural instinct for parents or guardians is to come to the school during an emergency to protect their children. However, by doing so, they may endanger themselves and their children. Law enforcement and school personnel are busy responding to the situation. Your arrival or calls may distract them from their work. Please help by following the steps below.

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Stay Home
The most important contribution you can make to your student and your own safety may be staying away from the school.

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Stay Informed
Information will be shared with families as soon as possible. Please know, in some situations, accurate information may take some time to verify and share.

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Be Ready
Be prepared to follow instructions from the Boulder Valley School District.


Our Plan

How BVSD and Our Schools Prepare for Emergencies

Crisis Management Plan
BVSD has a plan in place that covers all five phases of emergency preparedness.

Layered security measures keep BVSD students and staff safe
It is important to know that Boulder Valley School District has a layered system of security in place. While BVSD cannot discuss specific security measures, actions or tactics, the district has worked closely with our partners in law enforcement to implement best practices, detect potential threats, and then to prepare our buildings and staff to react when a threat is realized.

We thank our community for their generous support of bond projects that have ensured that all of our schools have secure vestibules and security cameras.

The Standard Response Protocol
During an emergency, shared vocabulary for students, staff and first responders is also essential. That is why we use the Standard Response Protocol (SRP), developed by the “I Love U Guys” Foundation.