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COVID-19 Dashboard

In an effort to provide transparency regarding Boulder Valley School District's COVID-19 cases, we have built a dashboard that includes data regarding BVSD's cases and letters sent to school communities.

It is important to note that students or staff included in a quarantine are being excluded as a precautionary measure.

Dashboard Definitions

Active Cases

All letters sent can be viewed on this page.

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Non-active cases

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Case and Outbreak Guidance

Vaccinations By the Numbers

*as of March 8, 2021

Eligible Employees

Total Employees Eligible: 5,000

Eligible Employees Who Have Been Invited to be Vaccinated through BVSD
100% of BVSD employees have been invited to be vaccinated (through BCH)

Vaccinations Given
Phase 1B.1: 625 Employees
Phase 1B.2: 3232 Employees

Total Eligible Employees Who Have Received their 1st or 2nd dose: 3,857* | Percentage 77.1%

Classroom/student facing staff who have received a vaccination

(this number includes teachers, paraeducators, counselors, speech pathologists, occupational/physical therapists, and psychologists)


*These numbers are based on those who have received through BCH and self reporting if obtained elsewhere. The second dose numbers are likely higher than this number as we work to receive documentation from employees who received outside of BCH.

Projected Completion of Vaccinations
Based on the current vaccine supply, we are currently confident that all eligible BVSD employees will be vaccinated by end of March and have reached the highest immunity by mid-April.

Public Health Resources

Local Public Health Departments
Boulder County Public Health logo
City and County of Broomfield logo


Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
State COVID Dial - at level Yellow

Boulder County is currently in:
Level Yellow: Concern

State COVID Dial - at level Yellow

City and County of Broomfield is currently in:
Level Yellow: Concern

(Changes effective 3/10/21)

Colorado Dial Dashboard 

Letters by Month

Letters by Building

BVSD COVID-19 Letters