Boulder Valley School District

Health and Safety Precautions

Facial Coverings

In alignment with the State and local health department orders, BVSD has discontinued the mandatory use of face coverings (masks) regardless of an individual's vaccination status.

Masks are still strongly encouraged for anyone who has not been vaccinated. 

Important Note: Any individual (staff or student) may continue to wear a face covering if they or their family wishes.

COVID-like Symptoms and Other Illness Reporting

As we shared previously, parents and guardians will no longer be required to complete the Daily Health Screener in Infinite Campus. Parents/Guardians of students in Summer Learning will continue to receive a reminder each day of the program to check for symptoms before sending your student.

Important Note: Please do not send your child to school or other activities if they have any COVID-like symptoms or other illnesses, or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID in the past 10 days.  Report the illness or close contact to the school or activity coordinator as soon as possible.

COVID Testing

Symptomatic testing will continue to be available through a BVSD mobile testing unit and at Centaurus High School.  Routine screening testing will not be conducted.

You can find the testing schedule on our website here.

Case Notifications and Quarantines

BVSD will continue to take action to limit the spread of the disease if it is detected in our schools or workplaces. For instance, anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will continue to be asked to stay home from school or work for 10 days and those who display ongoing COVID-19 symptoms will be encouraged to get tested, as they have since the beginning of this pandemic before returning to school or work.  BVSD’s testing locations can be found here.