Boulder Valley School District

Staff Vaccination Rollout

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The Boulder Valley School District is excited to partner with Boulder Community Health to provide our employees with their COVID-19 vaccines starting the week of February 8.

After being able to vaccinate our employees in 1B.1 category in January, we are able to move forward with our student-facing staff in February.

BCH is hosting Saturday vaccination clinics specifically for our staff with the projection of being able to vaccinate 1,000 employees each week starting on February 13. If vaccine supplies continue, we hope to expeditiously serve all eligible BVSD employees.

  • First dose for 1B.2 employees by end of February
  • Full vaccination for 1B.2 employees by mid-April

Vaccination projection

Vaccinations By the Numbers

*as of February 22, 2021

Eligible Employees

Total Employees Eligible: 5,000

Eligible Employees Who Have Been Invited to be Vaccinated through BVSD
100% of BVSD employees have been invited to be vaccinated (through BCH)

Vaccinations Given
Phase 1B.1: 625 Employees
Phase 1B.2: 2671 Employees

Total Eligible Employees Who Have Been Vaccinated: 3,296* | Percentage 69.9%


*These numbers are based on those who have received through BCH and self reporting if attained elsewhere.

Projected Completion of Vaccinations
Based on the current vaccine supply, we are currently confident that all eligible BVSD employees will be vaccinated by end of March and have reached the highest immunity by mid-April.