Boulder Valley School District

Online Registration

New or returning students currently living within the district boundaries are guaranteed a seat in their neighborhood school(s) based on their household address. Neighborhood school enrollment starts as early as January, if enrolling for the Fall, and year-round for new students.

How to register online

Use the K-12 School Finder Maps to determine if you live within the district and find the neighborhood school(s) associated with your residence.

Gather the required documentation listed below.

Students are eligible for Kindergarten if they turn 5 on or before October 1.



All enrollment applications for Preschool through grade 12 require documents for proof of identity and proof of address. Optional documents are student transcripts/report cards and immunization records. Please gather these documents to begin the enrollment application as you will be able to upload them.



Ready to Enroll?

Please click the button below to create a new SchoolMint account if necessary, and begin your neighborhood registration.

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Outside your neighborhood schools

To apply to other schools in the district for the NEXT school year that are not your neighborhood school based on household address, you must go through Open Enrollment.