We believe education is the heart of our community and preschool is the very first step in welcoming a diverse array of families and students to join us in sparking a life-long love of discovery.

Path to success

We offer expertise and guidance to families who need financial assistance, have children with special needs, or have other questions or concerns. We want to help you find the right path to your child’s success, starting with a solid foundation of learning and play in the exciting preschool years.

Ready to apply?
Please read the following information:

  • There are three ways to enter preschool, through the Colorado Preschool Program, the Special Education Program and the Tuition program. To learn more about these programs, please visit the Early Childhood Education website. 

  • If you are new to the Boulder Valley School District, please complete a New Student Application. If you have one or more children who are enrolled in Boulder Valley School District, please complete a Current Family Application.

  • If you are applying for the tuition program, you must also register for billing and pay the $50 nonrefundable application fee. 

Current Family Application      New Student Application

What happens after I apply?

After you apply, you will be contacted by a Preschool Community Liaison. They will schedule a meeting with you and your child to complete additional paperwork, get to know you, and screen your child. You will also be able to visit the school to get an idea of what BVSD’s integrated classrooms are like. 

Required Documentation

Proof of Residence

A utility bill within the last three months or a current lease is acceptable proof. 

Birth Certificate

If you do not have a birth certificate, you may upload a copy of your child's passport. Alternatively, a note listing the child's full name, date of birth, gender and the parent's full names and a signature is acceptable proof.


An immunization record or exemption is acceptable proof. 

Physical or Well Child Check

A physical or well child check within the last year is acceptable proof. 



Can my child get transportation to preschool?

​​If your child is attending through the Colorado Preschool Program and lives inside of district and outside of walking distance (.5 miles) from the school, s/he can get transportation.

If your child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), s/he may be eligible to receive special transportation. Eligibility for special transportation is determined by the IEP team at an IEP meeting. If your child is attending through tuition program and has a sibling who is attending either through the Colorado Preschool Program or on an IEP, you can apply for transportation with a Space Available request. Space Available requests are granted if there is room for a preschool StarSeat on a bus and pre-existing route between the two stops that you require.

Full Day Preschool

Do you have full day preschool?

​​Full-day preschool is only located at the Mapleton Early Childhood Center. This location has limited enrollment slots. BVSD will study the feasibility of adding more full-day preschool options once funding and facility space becomes available.

Colorado Preschool Program

What is the Colorado Preschool Program and how do I know if we qualify?

​The Colorado Preschool Program funds children who are determined to have risk factors that may cause a child to not be ready for kindergarten. Children who are four years old can qualify based on income alone. Children who are three can qualify if they have two eligibility factors in addition to income. Factors include: low birth weight, educational level of the family, need for language development (such as English-langua​​ge support for non-native speakers), unintentional unemployment, social services, teen parent, frequent relocations and more.

Additional Information

Please visit the Early Childhood Education website for more FAQ.

Preschool Calendar 2020/2021 English

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Preschool Parent Handbook 2020/2021 English

Preschool Parent Handbook 2020/2021 Spanish