A request to have your child attend a new school or a non-neighborhood school for the present school year requires an Administrative Transfer and occurs when a student is moved from one school to another by means other than the formal Open Enrollment process.

Granting Tranfers

Administrative transfers are granted when unusual circumstances warrant them.  Administrative transfers are not to be used as a means of extending the Open Enrollment period, but, rather, as a means to address changes in personal circumstances that could not reasonably be anticipated during the Open Enrollment window.  Administrative Transfers will be reviewed only for the current school year.  The window for requesting Administrative Transfers is from September 15 to April 15.

Note: Applying to have your child attend a new school or a non-neighborhood school for the NEXT school year is not considered a transfer and is handled through Open Enrollment.


Persons who wish to apply for administrative transfers must complete the Administrative Transfer form online at the Open Enrollment website. Though a letter from the parent citing the reasons for the transfer request is sufficient. Agreement from both parents with decision making authority for the named student is required. Misrepresentation of information is grounds to invalidate the request. 


Students who enroll in a school other than their district neighborhood school are responsible for their own transportation.


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Transfer request dates

The Administrative Transfer request form for the 2019 - 2020 school year will open September 15, 2019 and will be available here.  Visit BVSD Board Policy JECE-R for more information.



Who Grants Transfers?

Administrative transfers are granted by BVSD Executive Directors in each network area. Principals do not have the authority to grant administrative transfers, but may request such as per this regulation. Decisions are made by BVSD Executive Directors who apply their judgment to the considerations listed below.


Transfer review consideration s may include but are not limited to:

  • Time of year (transfers made during the semester are extremely rare).
  • Does the school being requested have room available at the appropriate grade level?
  • Is the student receiving special education services? (Special education staffing allocations are not adjusted when administrative transfers are made).
  • Have site-based administrative solutions been exhausted?
  • Is the safety of the student involved of serious concern and are these concerns well documented?
  • Other special considerations unique to school or situation.

Appeal Procedure

Please refer to BVSD Board Policy JECE-R for information regarding appeals.

Administrative Transfer FAQ

May I submit an Administrative Transfer request for my child before September 15th?

No.  The request forms will be available no earlier than September 15 and no later than April 15 for current school year transfers per BVSD School Board Policy JECE-R.

May I submit an Administrative Transfer request for my child for the following school year?

No.  Per BVSD School Board Policy JECE-R, requests can only be submitted for the current school year.  Any requests made with the intention of next year transfers will be disregarded without notice.

How long will it take to receive an answer for my request?

There is not a set timeline for BVSD Executive Directors to determine a response to Administrative Transfer requests.  Students are expected to remain attending the current school while awaiting a response.

How many schools can I request on the form?

One school per Administrative Transfer request is allowed.

Does my family need to live within BVSD boundaries to request an Administrative Transfer?

No.  All families, including those residing out of district boundaries, may request an Administrative Transfer into our schools.

Do I need to request a transfer for my child each school year to continue attending the approved school?

No.  Approvals are valid through the highest grade at the approved school unless the household address has changed from In-district to out of district.

How can my student transfer to another school once attending an approved school via Administrative Transfer?

Families need to follow Open Enrollment procedure to submit another Administrative Transfer requesting the new school of interest to transfer out of an approved school once the student has attended.