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 A request to have your child attend a new school or a non-neighborhood school for the present school year requires an Administrative Transfer and occurs when a student is moved from one school to another by means other than the formal Open Enrollment process.

Granting Transfers

Administrative transfers are granted when unusual circumstances warrant them.  Administrative transfers are not to be used as a means of extending the Open Enrollment period, but, rather, as a means to address changes in personal circumstances that could not reasonably be anticipated during the Open Enrollment window.  Administrative Transfers are reviewed only for the current school year.  The window to submit an Administrative Transfers is from September 15th to April 15th each year.

Note: Applying to have your child attend a new school or a non-neighborhood school for the NEXT school year is not considered a transfer and is handled through Open Enrollment.

Requesting a Transfer

Parents/Guardians who wish to request an administrative transfer must complete the online Administrative Transfer form.  Agreement from both parents/guardians with decision making authority for the named student is required.  Misrepresentation of information is grounds to invalidate the request. 


Students who enroll in a school other than their district neighborhood school are responsible for their own transportation.

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Administrative transfers will open September 15 for the 2024-2025 school year

Visit BVSD Board Policy JECE-R for more information.