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In the Boulder Valley School District we know that our families play a key role in our students success. That is why we encourage parents and guardians to stay informed and involved in their child's education.

Stay Informed

The district and our schools are dedicated to ensuring that our families are well-informed regarding the work of the district and our practices. The goal is to ensure that families have an opportunity to have voice in major decisions and may take advantages of new developments.

BVSD is committed to providing parents with information in a variety of ways to meet their needs and preferences.

BVSD's Communication Avenues

Additionally, our schools typically send regular updates regarding news and events. Check with your school for details.

Get Involved

Engaged parents have the opportunity to learn first-hand about their child's learning and directly support their education.

At Home

Opportunities for learning are everywhere. Encourage children to be curious and to follow their passions.

By providing time, space, supplies and support not only for school assignments but also for their own inquiries -- students are become life long learners.

At School

Parents are encouraged and welcomed to visit their child's school. Visiting during a student showcase, performance or just stopping in to have lunch with your student -- shows that you support them and their effort at school.

We love having parents and guardians volunteer in our classrooms.

Additionally, each school as a School Accountability Committee that receives reports and provides feedback regarding school performance and budgeting. Some also have Family and Educators Together Teams, PTAs or PTOs.

At the District-Level

There are a number of ways that parents can participate at a district-level. Start by checking out the District Committees listed to the right.

Advocate for Your Student

We encourage parents to ask questions about their students learning and advocate for them when they need additional support.

They know their child better than anyone, so if you see something that concerns or you want to explore ways you can support their learning at home you let us know.We encourage everyone to always begin closest to the situation.

Begin at the classroom or school level
If you have a question about a lesson or something that is happening in the classroom, reach out your child's teacher.

Find the link to your child's school below.

Our Schools

Need help communicating?

BVSD facilitates translation and interpretation services for those parents who need it. Ask your school for help or click here to learn more about translation and interpretation.

Unresolved Issues
When staff are unable to help, the issue may then be escalated through the following chain of command, in accordance with Board Policy KE: Complaints and Concerns:

  • School principal
  • Regional instructional network leader
  • Superintendent
  • Board of Education

BVSD Contact Information

What’s the most accurate predictor of academic achievement? It’s not socioeconomic status, nor how prestigious the school is that a child attends. The best predictor of student success is the extent to which families encourage learning at home and involve themselves in their child’s education.



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