Boulder Valley School District

District Committees

By attending and participating in BVSD's committees, you can learn more about the district and contribute to making it better.


District Accountability Committee

The District Accountability Committee (DAC) is a legally-constituted accountability and advisory committee, legally constituted under both state and federal law that allows BVSD parents to have a voice in the district's budget, improvement plans, charter applications and more.


District Parent Council

The DPC provides a truly unique opportunity for BVSD parents, staff, teachers, students and leadership of to exchange and share ideas and views in professional and open setting.


Latinx Parent Advisory Council

Latinx Parent Advisory Council (CAPL). The Latinx Parent Advisory Council was created to facilitate meaningful conversation between the Latinx community of Boulder County and the school district. Every two months, CAPL will meet with BVSD leaders to talk about important issues for Latino parents and the school district.


School Accountability Committees

Under state law, BVSD schools are required to establish a School Accountability Committee (SAC), made of seven people including the principal, parents and staff providing them with a voice  in the school's budget, improvement plans and more.


Special Education Advisory Committee

A group that connects special education families with district staff, allowing them to hear updates regarding BVSD's efforts and a voice in SPED programming.