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The School Food Project also accepts online payments through MyPaymentsPlus.

2019-2020 Approved Fees List


Facts About Fees

BVSD is legally authorized to charge fees under Colorado Revised Statute 22-32-117(2)(a) and (c) (as amended in 1995 by Senate Bill 103). BVSD Board Policy JN Student Fees, Fines, and Charges is aligned with State law and governs the assessment of fees in BVSD.

For the purposes of fee collection in BVSD, fees are defined as charges that are mandatory in order for a service or product to be provided. Voluntary contributions are not considered fees.

2019-2020 Approved Fees List

Fees are allowed for:

  • Transportation for elective field trips that:
    • Are NOT required by the teacher.
    • Are NOT assigned work or performance which contributes to the calculation of the student’s grade.
  • Supplemental supplies for academic classes used only by an individual student. The  purchase of these supplies in academic classes must be optional, but the supply will not  provided if the fee is not paid.
  • Expendable supplies for elective classes used only by an individual student (i.e., classes not within the academic portion of the educational program).
  • Payment for a service such as copying additional transcripts, conducting college searches, AP or IB exams.
  • Payment for voluntary enrichment activities such as elective field trips, speakers, and outdoor education trips. If students choose to participate in these activities they must pay the fee. Students may be required to pay for all or part of field trip costs relating to admission or entrance fees, meals, and lodging.
  • Registration costs associated with Summer School and optional online learning courses.

In all instances:

  • The fee must be based on the market value of the product or service.
  • Schools must pay the fees assessed for students on free or reduced lunch.
  • Schools can only assess fees that are posted on the fee schedule approved by the Board.

Fees are not allowed for:

  • Transportation to any academic-related activity. Academic activities are defined as:
    • Field trips required by the teacher.
    • Field trips in which work or performance is assigned and this work contributes to the calculation of the student’s grade.
  • Materials required for core area classes.
  • Instructional materials, cleaning supplies, or repairs to facilities/equipment.
  • Use as teacher compensation.
  • Charging one student for material used by another.
  • Parties or other social events.


Process for Assessing Fees

Each spring, schools submit requested fees that meet the criteria outlined above to the appropriate director at the Education Center. Fees approved by the Education Center will be placed on the fee schedule and submitted to the Board annually for final approval.


Fundraisers and Sales are not Considered Fees

Schools can collect voluntary donations to be used for parties or other social events. These fundraising activities are not considered fees.
Likewise, schools can sell items like t-shirts, directories, yearbooks, or spirit mementos.

These fundraising activities are not considered fees. Students can purchase these items or not, as they choose.

Payment Instructions

Step 1. Visit the school website and select Online Payments

Step 2. Select *Required* Student Fees

Step 3. Enter your Infinite Campus Parent Portal User Name and Password to access a list of your student’s fees

Step 4. Enter the amount you will be making a payment for and click Next Page

Step 5. To Add Additional Fees, (Optional) please select Continue Shopping at the shopping cart page.

Step 6. You will be back at the homepage. Click on a button, select another fee, enter any required information, select Buy Now

Step 7. Continue to add fees to your cart (if applicable)

Step 8. Confirm your payment choices and click Go to Checkout

Step 9. If a new customer, select “I am a new customer”

  • Enter your email address
  • Click Sign in

Step 10. Enter your billing information and create a password (if required)

Step 11. Enter your payment information

Step 12. Verify information for accuracy and select Complete Order

Step 13. Payment will be processed and Receipt can be viewed and printed.

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