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Stay Together BVSD

BVSD's response to COVID-19:  Stay Together After two years of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the public health approach to COVID-19 has changed. BVSD's goal however, remains the same: to keep kids safe, healthy and learning in-person.

Updated JULY 22, 2022

We continue to #StayTogether BVSD, through these layered health precautions 

We will continue to employ routine disease control measures for communicable disease control and prevention.  Those layered strategies are:

  • Illness ProtocolsStaff and students should stay home when they’re sick.  Refer to CDPHE's Illness Protocols for Schools and Childcare: How Sick is Too Sick

    COVID testing is recommended for anyone with COVID-like symptoms.  Individuals who test positive for COVID must still adhere to isolation and quarantine guidance.
  • Disease surveillance - Health services will continue to monitor illnesses,  increases in absenteeism, and COVID cases in classrooms, grades and schools and will work with public health to respond.
  • Increased airflow and ventilation –. The district will continue to use HEPA air purifiers and increase the ventilation to maximize the introduction of fresh outdoor air into buildings when appropriate. 

Additional health precautions recommended by our partners in public health

  • Get vaccinated and boosted –Get vaccinated against COVID-19, including the booster, and get your flu vaccine.  An up-to-date list of vaccine providers can be found at

  • Get tested if you have symptoms

  • Wear a mask when appropriate – based on the COVID-19 community level (COVID-19 Community Levels

    • Low - wear a mask based on your personal preference, informed by your personal level of risk

    • Medium - If you are immunocompromised - talk to your healthcare provider about it

    • High - Wear a mask indoors in public, regardless of vaccination status or individual risk

Approaching this situation with kindness and compassion

BVSD knows that everyone is coming to this moment with very different perspectives. Those who are doing everything possible to avoid COVID. Those who have had COVID. Those who have experienced loss during the pandemic.

We encourage everyone to approach this moment with kindness and compassion towards each other.

We will support whatever our students, staff and families decide when it comes to wearing a face covering. While masks will continue to be welcome in BVSD schools and facilities, we will work to ensure that everyone feels safe and supported while in our buildings.

Latest Update

Updates (English)

Last night the Boulder County Board of Health unanimously voted to rescind both Public Health Orders, 2021-07 and  2021-08, including the indoor mask requirement for public spaces, K-12 schools and childcare settings, effective Friday, Feb. 18 at 5 p.m. Click here for their media release

This means that beginning Friday Feb. 18, after school, masks will no longer be required in BVSD buildings. 

Updates (Spanish)

Anoche el Consejo de Salud del Condado de Boulder votó por unanimidad eliminar las Órdenes de Salud Pública 2021-07 y 2021-08, que incluyen el requisito de usar máscaras en espacios públicos interiores, escuelas de K-12 y ambientes de guardería, a partir del 18 de febrero a las 5 p.m. Siga este enlace para leer el comunicado de prensa

Esto significa que las máscaras ya no serán obligatorias en las escuelas después de que las clases terminen el viernes 18 de febrero.

Our Priorities

Reintroduction priorities

From the beginning of the pandemic, BVSD has operated from the same four priorities:

  • Maximize student academic growth
  • Provide supports to teachers and staff
  • Ensure health, well-being and safety of all students and staff
  • Assure operational and financial viability

Help is Here

  1. Questions about academics?
    • Start with your teacher
    • If you need further help, reach out to your principal. 
  2. IT trouble?
    • Visit for tips
    • Contact the IT Service Desk at 720-561-HELP
  3. Need emotional/counseling support?
    •  Reach out to your school counselor
    • If you or someone in your family is experiencing a crisis please call Colorado Crisis Services at: 1-844-493-TALK (8255) or text Text “TALK” to 38255 for free confidential support 24/7
  4. Questions about health issues?
  5. If you have a need that your school cannot address, please contact the Family Help Line at 720-770-0102 and leave a message with your full name and what you need assistance with. A bilingual member of our Equity & Partnerships team will return your call promptly.