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PBL 2020 Perspectives Project

Perspectives 2020: Telling the Stories of our Community

What is the PBL Perspectives Project? 
The project stemmed from a recommendation by the Phase 2+ Working Advisory Groups to have a community-wide Project Based Learning (PBL) opportunity that could be implemented in homes or in classrooms. The Group felt this would give students the ability to tell their stories and experiences from 2020, whether it’s about being a child living during a global pandemic, racial injustice, political events, wildfires or anything else that has impacted them through the past year. In addition, it would give students the opportunity to be the creators of primary source documents for future generations who will study this time in history. 

The project aspires to foster learning that:

  • Builds connections within our community

  • Supports students in processing the trauma they may have experienced since last March

  • Enables families with different ages of kids to connect with each other and work together

  • Showcases the varying viewpoints and experiences within BVSD


Perspectives on 2020: Project Based Learning

This episode, we are going to be highlighting the work of a really cool project to create meaningful, challenging and relevant experiences for our students while also giving them an opportunity to reflect on and express their voices about the events of 2020. I'll be talking with Kiffany Lychock, our district Director of Instructional Practices, Francesca Gettleman from Eldorado PK-8, Cliff Roberts from Monarch PK-8 and Michael Bautista from Boulder TEC.

Perspectives on 2020: An In Depth Look at the Primary Grades Unit

In this special edition episode of "I Heard it From Sam", I'm featuring an in-depth look at a unit created as part of th Perspectives 2020 Project Based Learning initiative.  These lessons are described by Sara Nelson from University Hill Elementary.  Additional contributors to the creation of these lessons were Lauren Rubini from Whittier Elementary and Francesca Gettleman from Eldorado PK8.

Weekly Wake-Up: PBL Project

During our Weekly Wake-Up members of our Teacher Design Team, spoke about the district-wide PBL 2020 Perspectives Project, which was one of the many suggestions made during the Phase 2+ Task Force last fall. Classes and students across the district are participating in projects, documenting their experience during the pandemic, which will be displayed later this spring virtually and hopefully in-person next fall.

In the News: BVSD develops districtwide 2020 project to share student perspectives

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