Boulder Valley School District

School Liaisons

Each Boulder Valley school has a person who serves as a McKinney-Vento liaison, helping students and families who are facing housing crisis to receive the help that they need.
Please know that these conversations are always kept confidential.


Yesutor Kotoka

Alicia Sanchez Elementary

Tatiana Level

Boulder Valley District, Boulder Universal

Laurel Light

Justice High

Lynn Manders

Louisville Middle

Amy McHose

Heatherwood Elementary

Luisa McMillan

Monarch K-8

Sonia Menjivar-Ranburger

Angevine Middle

Doris Miller

Southern Hills Middle

Shannon Minch

Community Montessori

Edit Morquecho

Crest View Elementary

Mary O'Brien

Birch Elementary

Carolina Oquelis De Lau

Columbine Elementary, Superintendent Office

Tracey Parnaby

Mesa Elementary

Megan Quitter

Jamestown Elementary

Micaela Ramirez

Angevine Middle
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