Boulder Valley School District

School Liaisons

Each Boulder Valley school has a person who serves as a McKinney-Vento liaison, helping students and families who are facing housing crisis to receive the help that they need.
Please know that these conversations are always kept confidential.


Eva Altermatt

Douglass Elementary

Mary Araki

Boulder Valley District, Emerald Elementary

Elizabeth Barcheck

Fairview High

Katie Bell

Community Schools

Jill Benisch

Monarch High

Stacey Blicker

Kohl Elementary

Sandra Bujanda

Creekside Elementary, Default Location

Brent Caldwell

Meadowlark School

Lisa Carrasco-Wyant

Halcyon, Halcyon

Marycatherine Comeau

Eldorado K-8

Bonnie Corkum

Eisenhower Elementary

Caly Evans

Broomfield Heights Middle

Caroline Fassora

Louisville Elementary

Carmen Faucette

Centaurus High

Gina Finney

Nevin Platt Middle
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