Rights and Responsibilities

Each year, BVSD's Communications Division works with the district's legal counsel and school leadership to compile an up-to-date, quick reference guide to the rights and responsibilities of students in the Boulder Valley School District.

This publication is required reading for all BVSD students and their parents. Download a digital copy here. Print copies may be obtained at your school.

Complete, detailed copies of all district policies and regulations are available on the BVSD website at bvsd.org/policies.

Student Code of Conduct

Our goal is to provide a safe and successful environment for your child.

Research on Effective Schools states that if children feel safe at school they are productive and successful. Please review the 2019-20 Student Rights and Responsibilities Guide so that you understand the district’s behavioral expectations and the consequences for failure to meet those expectations. 

I understand that in order to participate in Middle/High school sports, I also must agree to the rules and regulations in the athletic code of conduct.

Student Use of District Technology

Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) is pleased to offer students access to district computers, communications systems, the Internet, and an array of technology resources to promote educational excellence.

Each student is responsible for her/his use of technology, whether personal or district provided. While using district and personal technology resources on or near school property, in school vehicles and at school-sponsored activities, as well as using district technology resources via off-campus remote access, each student must act in an appropriate manner consistent with school, district, and legal guidelines. It is the joint responsibility of school personnel and the parent or guardian of each student to educate the student about his/her responsibilities and to establish expectations when using technology. Failure to follow the appropriate use procedures may lead to the loss of the privilege to use these educational tools, school disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion, legal action, and/or restitution by the user for costs associated with any damages caused by such violations.

Please refer to Board Policy JS, Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications.

All students will be granted access to district technology resources in order to: 

  • Perform word processing, build spreadsheets, create presentations, browse the Internet, or use Google Apps for Education
  • Conduct research on classroom or library computers or other digital devices
  • Search the school library catalog for books/resources
  • Download or educational videos, podcasts, simulations, or content
  • Publish student work
  • Fulfill requirements in computer lab assignments
  • Conduct curricular work using computer-based simulations or content
  • Create digital presentations
  • Engage in distance learning experiences
  • Complete online testing
  • Use digital assessment technologies
  • Engage in online collaborative projects
  • Engage in electronic discussions with experts outside the classroom
  • Share or exchange files with students in or outside the classroom
  • Store student work for retrieval at home
  • Complete online college applications or apply for financial aid online
  • Complete other assignments requiring technology as assigned by your student’s teacher(s)

Email Accounts

At the secondary level (6-12), students will be given a district email account. At the elementary level (K-5), email accounts are not made available to students unless requested by a teacher, connected to a specific curriculum unit, explicit parent/guardian and principal permission is acquired, and close supervision by adults is provided.

Password Requirements

Students are required to use strong passwords for accessing District technology and email. IT changes the passwords for grades K-5 every 180 days. Students in grades 6-12 are required to change their password every 90 days.

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to respond to academic challenges with the highest degree of integrity and honesty.

District educators will encourage the development of ethical behavior in their students and support constructive dialogue regarding the characteristics of academic integrity in their classes. Consequences will result when this policy is violated.   (Board Policy JFA and JFA-R).

Compulsory Attendance

Frequent absences disrupt the student’s education.  

The Colorado legislature has adopted compulsory attendance laws (COLO. REV. STAT.  § 22-33-101 et seq.), to ensure regular school attendance for children between six and seventeen years old. These attendance laws place the responsibility of regular attendance on the student and the parent. 

If a student has the equivalent of  four unexcused days of absences from school in any one month or 10 unexcused days of  absences during a school year, the student is in violation of the Colorado School Attendance Law and District Policy (JH and JH-R), therefore, the district may commence disciplinary and/or legal action.

Parental explanation of absences must be provided to the school within two school days following the student's return or the absence will remain unexcused.

Disclosure of Directory Information

The district may disclose directory information from a student’s record without consent.

Directory information is defined by Board Policy JO-R as including: the student’s name; date and place of birth; participation in officially recognized sports and activities; height and weight of athletic team members (for secondary level students); dates of attendance; and degrees, awards, honors, and other distinctions received. The addresses and telephone numbers of students will not be disclosed, except as provided by law. The parent of a student (or an eligible student) may refuse to allow the release of student directory information.

​​​​​​Club and Activity Membership

I understand that if I am suspended due to alcohol or substance use or possession or other serious violations, I may lose my privilege of being a member of a club or organization and/or any leadership roles.

Recognized student-initiated and led clubs (level 3) may conduct on-campus meetings and limited on-campus activities, as approved by the principal. No off-campus activities are authorized and no school supervision is provided for off-campus activities even if the off-campus activity seems related to the purpose of the organization and individual members of the organization decide to participate.

Media Coverage Notice

There may be times during the school year when different media groups (newspapers, television, university, school production class, etc.) will cover activities at the various Boulder Valley Schools with articles, video or still photography that may be published locally or nationally. In addition, schools or the district may want to include school-oriented articles, video or photography in their own publications such as yearbooks and/or on their own websites.

Parents/Guardians who do not want their student to be included in media coverage must provide the school with written notice to that effect.

Athletics and Media Coverage
I understand that if I participate in middle/high school sports, the sports events at which I compete are public events and may be covered by media. I also understand my photo, name and other identifying information may be published by district and/or non-district media in print and/or electronic coverage of sporting events in which I participate.  

Health Screenings

In addition to state mandated screenings for vision and hearing for which parental consent is not required, the district may have an opportunity to offer other health related screenings, such as dental screenings or BMI (body mass index) measurement. Personal information obtained from health screenings is kept confidential and parents may be informed of community resources available to address needs identified in the screenings.

I give my permission for my student to participate in all school-sponsored health screenings.