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Thrive Handbook

Thrive: “A Parent Guide for Boulder Valley School Kids”

Thrive 2010First produced and distributed to BVSD parents in fall 2008, this handbook looks across every grade level and highlights how students are exposed to varying levels of unhealthy and even high risk behaviors that can threaten their educational and personal success. It contains what to look for, parenting suggestions, local and national resources, and timely information to help parents understand the many issues our kids face growing up.

The Parent Engagement Network (PEN) organize book groups throughout the district to study and discuss topics in the Thrive handbook. For a current calendar of these and other parenting events, see the latest Thrive newsletter.

Copies of the most recent Thrive Handbook are available at BVSD schools. If you are unable to obtain a copy from your child's school, contact communications@bvsd.org.

You can also download it now!

Thrive Parent Handbook

Desarrollo Completo


The Spanish version is called "Desarrollo Completo," which is not a direct translation of the word "thrive" --

It actually means "complete development" or "full development." Research among Spanish speaking parents and educators indicated that this phrase best captures the spirit and intent of the handbook for our Spanish speaking households.