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BVSD Partners In Education (PIE)

A unique opportunity for1st, 2nd or 3rd year teachers! 

What is Partners in Education (PIE)?

Partners in Education (PIE) is a cooperative venture between the School of Education at CU/Boulder, Boulder Valley Schools, and other districts. The partnership assumes shared responsibility for training prospective teachers and providing professional growth opportunities for both new and experienced teachers.

One aspect of the PIE program involves the professional development of 1st- 2nd- or 3rd-year teachers. PIE teachers have an opportunity to work in a full-time teaching position for one year at a reduced salary plus benefits while enrolled in a master's degree program at CU/Boulder. We are currently seeking highly motivated, qualified applicants who have demonstrated success as student teachers or novice teachers for next year's PIE program.

Hiring Process
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What are the benefits for a PIE teacher?

 In exchange for a reduced salary, PIE teachers receive the following benefits:

  • Intensive coaching and support 1/2 day each week in your classroom, plan instruction, develop classroom management strategies, team teach and work with students, parents/guardians and other teachers.
  • Six hours of graduate credit at a significantly reduced tuition and fee rate.  The six hours taken with the clinical professor during the first year are designed to assist the PIE teacher in making strong connections between current research and classroom practice.  Course requirements include semi-monthly seminars at PIE district sites instead of weekly classes on the CU campus, progress toward individual professional goals, activities and exercise aligned to district induction expectations and a focus on inquiry and reflections as teachers.
  • After the six uniquely-PIE credits are taken, PIE teachers proceed in the master's program at their own pace, completing and paying for courses at a rate manageable for the individual.  Typically, PIE teachers take two more graduate courses at a rate manageable for the individual.  Typically, PIE teachers take two more graduate courses the summer immediately following their "PIE year."  These courses all take place on the CU campus and on the standard graduate school tuition and fee schedule.
  • Opportunities to network with other novice teachers from your own and other school districts.  PIE teachers share ideas and provide additional support through occasional seminar activities.
  • As a district employee, medical insurance, sick days and personal leave days according to the district's policies.
  • More rapid advancement on the salary scale.  Additional raises for graduate course work eventually make up the first year salary reduction.  In the long run, former PIE teachers make more money when compared to their first-year teacher counterparts who did not begin a master's degree early in their careers.
  • Exceptionally high levels of professional growth.  Principals report that PIE teachers progress much more rapidly than other new teachers.  This growth is attributed to high-quality classroom mentoring and the application of ideas learned in graduate course work.

What are the responsibilities of a PIE teacher? 

PIE teachers have been selected for a full-time teaching assignment in Boulder Valley Schools. PIE teachers are on a district contract with full benefits. PIE teachers must...

  • Meet School of Education Graduate School entrance requirements of approximately a 3.0 undergraduate grade point average
  • Be accepted to and enroll in a master's degree program in the School of Education at CU/Boulder by Fall of the coming year
  • Hold a valid Colorado provisional teaching license at the time of employment
  • Be hired for a teaching position in the district

Teachers in this program should be eager to collaborate with a mentor and other PIE teachers, be motivated to obtain a master's degree, and be capable of handling the full-time demands of being a beginning teacher and a graduate student.

For additional information, contact...
          Flora Sanchez, Clinical Professor, 303.668.7727

                Mary Jo Bode, Clinical Professor, 303.931.7904