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Illicit Discharge Reporting


The purpose of this procedure is to define the reporting means of an illicit discharge on or from the school site so that the district can take appropriate actions to remediate any damage that might occur to receiving bodies of water.


An illicit discharge is defined as any discharge of stormwater from a school site which is not composed entirely of stormwater. This involves a variety of pollutants that result in damage to aquatic life in any receiving stream, creek, river, or large body of water.

The following are the most likely examples of illicit discharges on a school site.

  1. Paint, oil, grease, or other hazardous chemicals.
  2. Cleaning solutions or solvents.
  3. Used detergent water.
  4. Sewage overflows from sanitary system.
  5. Fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides spilled on concrete or asphalt surfaces.
  6. Non-contact cooling waters.
  7. Trash and garbage.

Reporting Procedure:

If an illicit discharge is identified, call Maintenance at 720.561.5143 or Security at 720.561.5051.