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​Twin Lakes Property 


BVSD currently owns a 10 acre property in the Twin Lakes neighborhood of unincorporated Gunbarrel acquired through a development dedication in the 1960's. The intent of the dedication was to provide land for a future school, however the need for the school never materialized over the years.

In 2013, the Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA) acquired 10 acres of land adjacent to the BVSD land holding in Twin Lakes. In 2015, BCHA announced its intention to pursue annexation with the City of Boulder and develop their property for mixed density affordable housing. 

In assessing possible use or disposal of this site in light of possible annexation, BVSD staff has been in contact with BCHA to explore the types of benefits BVSD could realize in a partnership with that organization. These discussions have been fruitful in outlining cooperative efforts that could help BVSD use this land asset to provide affordable housing units to BVSD employees. This could provide a partial solution to administration concerns on how housing affordability will affect hiring and retaining talented staff in the future. 

BVSD staff currently feels that the potential partnership with BCHA and the possibility of providing affordable units to teaching staff will provide the highest benefit to the District of all available options. If successful, BVSD may be able to provide a set number of affordable units to BVSD staff. In addition, by partnering with BCHA, the District is able to leverage its experience with land entitlements and managing properties once they are built.  

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