BARole of the School Board
BAABoard Operations
BBASchool Board Powers and Responsibilities
BBBABoard Member Qualifications
BCSchool Board Member Conduct
BCA E1Code of Ethics for School Board Members (Exhibit)
BCA E2Board Member Code of Ethics (Exhibit)
BCBSchool Board Member Conflict of Interest
BDABoard Organizational Meeting
BDBBoard Officers
BDFAdvisory Committees
BDFADistrict Personnel Performance Evaluation Council
BDFBCareer and Technical Advisory Council
BDFCPreschool Council
BDFDDistrict Drug Abuse Education and Prevention Advisory Council
BDGSchool District Attorney
BESchool Board Meetings
BEAAElectronic Participation in School Board Meetings
BECExecutive Sessions
BEDANotification of School Board Meetings
BEDDRules of Order
BEDFVoting Method
BEDHPublic Participation at School Board Meetings
BGSchool Board Policy Process
BGAPolicy Implementation
BID-BIESchool Board Member Compensation/Expenses/Insurance/Liability