DBAnnual Operating Budget
DBJBudget Transfers
DDGrants Management
DD-R1Project Partnerships, Sub-Award Grants, Sub-Contracts Pursuant to Grants, and Third-Party Grants Involving District Personnel, Programs or Facilities (Regulation)
DD-R2Grants to District Personnel (Regulation)
DEBLoan Programs (Funds from State Tax Sources)
DEB-DEC-DFCRevenues from State/Federal Tax Sources
DFACash Management/Investment Policy
DFBRevenues from Licensing of School Facilities for Telecommunication Uses
DGDepository of Funds/Authorized Signatures
DHBonded Employees and Officers
DIFiscal Accounting and Reporting
DIDInventories (And Property Accounting)
DIEADistrict Audit Committee
DJ-DJEPurchasing and Contracting
DJ-DJE-RGrant Purchasing and Contracting (Regulation)
DL-DLAPayroll Procedures/Payday Schedules
DLBSalary Deductions
DLB-RSalary Deductions (Regulation)
DLCExpense Reimbursements
DNDistrict Property Disposal Procedures