GBAOpen Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity
GBAASexual Harassment
GBAA SPAcoso Sexual
GBBStaff Involvement in Decisionmaking
GBE-RDealing with Employees with Communicable and/or Life-Threatening Diseases (Regulation)
GBEAStaff Ethics Conflict of Interest
GBEA-EStaff Ethics Conflict of Interest (Exhibit)
GBEA-RStaff Ethics/Conflicts of Interest (Regulation)
GBEA-R2Staff Protection
GBEBStaff Conduct
GBEB-1Drug Free Workplace
GBEB-RStaff Conduct and Responsibilities (Regulation)
GBEBAStaff Member Dress
GBEBCStaff Gifts and Solicitations
GBEEStaff Use of District Technology, the Internet and Electronic Communications
GBEE-E-1Staff Terms and Conditions for Acceptable Use of BVSD Technology Resources
GBEE-E-2Staff Terms and Conditions for Assignment of District Technology Resources - Administrative Rights
GBEE-RStaff Use of District Technology, the Internet and Electronic Communications (Regluation)
GBGLiability of School Personnel Staff Protection
GBGAStaff Health
GBGABFirst Aid Training
GBGBStaff Personal Security and Safety
GBGDWorkers Compensation
GBI-REmployee Limitations on Accepting Gifts (Regulation)
GBJPersonnel Records and Files
GBJADisclosure of Information to Prospective Employers
GBKStaff Concerns Complaint Grievances
GBK-RStaff Concers Complaints Grievances
GCAProfessional Staff Positions
GCA-RProfessional Staff Positions (Regulation)
GCAA-RProfessional Staff Positions (Job Description) (Regulation)
GCAB-RProfessional Staff Positions (Job Description) (Regulation)
GCAC-RProfessional Staff Positions (Job Description) (Regulation)
GCBProfessional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans
GCBA-1Professional Staff Salary Schedules, Teachers
GCBA-1-RProfessional Staff Salary Schedules, Teachers (Regulation)
GCBBProfessional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans
GCBCProfessional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBC-RProfessional Staff Fringe Benefits (Regulation)
GCBD-1Professional Staff Leaves and Absences, Teachers
GCBD-2Professional Staff Leaves and Absences, Administrators
GCBEProfessional Staff Vacations and Holidays
GCC-GCD-1Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring, Teachers
GCC-GCD-1-RProfessional Staff Recruiting/Hiring, Teachers (Regulation)
GCC-GCD-2Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring, Administrators
GCC-GCD-3Selection and Appointment of Administrators
GCC-GCD-4Teachers and Administrators Professional Staff Background Checks
GCDAProfessional Staff Certification Responsibilities
GCEA-RArrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes (Regulation)
GCFProfessional Staff Orientation
GCG GCGAPart-time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment_Qualifications of Substitute Staff
GCIProfessional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCKProfessional Staff Work Load
GCLProfessional Staff Development Opportunities
GCN-2Evaluation of Professional Staff Adminstrators
GCPBResignation of Professional Staff Members
GCPCRetirement of Professional Staff Members
GCPCAVoluntary Early Retirement of Professional Staff
GCPDSuspension and Dismissal of Teachers (And Contract Nonrenewal)
GCPD-E1Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members (And Contract Nonrenewal), Teachers (Exhibit)
GCQA-GCQAANonschool Employment/Consulting Activities by Professional Staff Members
GCQABTutoring for Pay
GCQBProfessional Research and Publishing
GCQB-RProfessional Research and Publishing (Regulation)
GCQCExchange Teaching
GCQEProfessional Staff Facilities
GDA-RSupport Staff Positions (Regulation)
GDB-GDBASupport Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans/Salary Schedules
GDBBSupport Staff Supplementary Pay Plans (Overtime Pay)
GDBCSupport Staff Fringe Benefits
GDBDSupport Staff Leaves and Absences
GDBESupport Staff Vacations and Holidays
GDC-GDDSupport Staff Recruiting/Hiring
GDC-GDD-2Support Staff Background Checks
GDFSupport Staff Orientation (And Inservice Training)
GDGSupport Staff Probation
GDISupport Staff Reassignments and Transfers
GDNEvaluation of Support Staff
GDOSupport Staff Promotions
GDPCRetirement of Support Staff Members
GDPC-RRetirement of Support Staff Members (Regulation)
GDPCAVoluntary Early Retirement of Support Staff
GDPDSuspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members
GDPD SPSuspensión y despido de miembros del personal de apoyo
GDREmployee Benefit Plans