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Teacher Assistance Program
Offering Peer Assistance to Beginning Teachers

A TAP mentor is a teacher who serves full time as a coach and resource to beginning educators in order to facilitate a successful year of teaching. TAP mentors work side by side with teachers, offering resources, ideas and a sympathetic ear to new educators.

TAP mentors assist beginning teachers by...

  • Meeting regularly
  • Observing in the class
  • Reflecting on teaching
  • Modeling instruction
  • Fostering skill acquisition
  • Helping plan and problem solve
  • Providing a variety of learning materials
  • Locating additional teaching resources
  • Guiding them through state-mandated induction
  • Offering tailor-made, interactive seminars
  • Videotaping lessons

Why should you participate in TAP?...

TAP mentors:

  • Maintain a confidential, non-evaluative working relationship with you
  • Visit your classroom at least once every two weeks
  • Offer a wide array of teaching resources
  • Provide materials specific to your classroom needs
  • Create opportunities for you to network with other teachers

To contact a TAP mentor...

Platt Middle School
Teacher Assistance Program
6096 Baseline Road
Boulder, CO  80303

Tim Hillmer: 720-561-5001 x8850
Debbie Haseman: 303-906-5025

Tim Hillmer
Debbie Haseman

The Teacher Assistance Program is a collaboration between Boulder Valley Schools and the Boulder Valley Education Association.