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BVSD Teachers as Scholars Program

What is Teachers As Scholars?

Teachers As Scholars is the result of collaboration between Boulder Valley School District, the University of Colorado's College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education, and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation for the purpose of content-based professional development for BVSD educators. Teachers As Scholars is designed to help teachers to stay current in their fields of study and to broaden their knowledge base in other fields. A motivation for many teachers to join the field of education is their love of learning. Teachers As Scholars offers the opportunity to become a learner again and to refresh and revitalize that love.

New Seminar for Educators

Our latest TAS seminar series just finished!  But keep an eye on this space for information on the next TAS seminar series, starting in early April.  Recertification and salary credit are available for those attending four or more sessions.

Teachers As Scholars (TAS) seminars and workshops

Teachers As Scholars seminars and workshops are taught by University of Colorado faculty or faculty or researchers from the many regional research institutions. They are invited to speak about the work that they are presently involved in to keep participants up on current scholarly thought or research. The setting of the seminars is informal and the number of participants is fairly small (15 - 25), which allows for a relaxed interchange between the presenter and participants. Often participants and presenters have maintained some contact after the seminar.

TAS offers a variety of formats for professional development. Seven one- and two-day workshops will be offered during the 2000-2001 school year in fields ranging the spectra of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences. These workshops will be offered during the school day and release time will be paid for substitutes. Attendance at these workshops will be limited and will be determined largely on a first come, first served basis, with consideration being given to first-time attendees and equity between schools.

A minimum of sixteen after-school seminars will be held on Tuesdays at Casey Middle School from 3:45 - 6:00. These will again span the gamut of disciplines.

Other Teachers As Scholars opportunities

TAS is motivated to take advantage of the many institutions of higher learning and research in the area. Wonderful resources in terms of people and facilities are available for our use but it is often difficult for the individual to keep up with all that is going on. TAS uses the BVSD "all-teachers" list to keep BVSD educators aware of the many offerings of note in the area.

TAS also has created a Monday afternoon book discussion group open to all BVSD educators. A writing group is in the process of forming.

TAS encourages attendance at CU's World Affairs Conference through sponsoring teachers' attendance and conducting a follow-up discussion group.

For More Information

TAS is in the process of making information on schedules, abstracts of presentations, background of speakers and credit opportunities available on the Web. Links will be offered on this page, so please check back regularly. In the meantime, contact Molly Gardner via the email link on the bottom of this page or through the contact information below for more TAS details....

Molly Gardner
Program Director, TAS
email: gmolly@attbi.com
phone: 720-561-8502